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How Green Is Your Restaurant?

12 Questions You Can Ask

The tagline for my show is: we don’t tell you what to think, we just want you to. I am asking you to please read this newsletter and decide what you think about the points I have raised here as they relate to your favorite restaurants. Why? Because I know that if you subscribe to the MGW newsletter, some part of you cares about the shape our planet is in. And these questions will make you think.

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Fed By Very Green Threads

A Good News Story

This is a good news story – a very good news story. It’s about a big vision. It’s about one person having a dream to make a big difference and doing it! It’s about substantive, lasting good news and don’t we all need more of that? Meet Alok Appadurai, co-founder of Fed By Threads – the very first national sweatshop-free,…

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Mrs. Green Hits a Nerve

(And some other interesting tidbits)

Well, my last newsletter about Ben & Jerry’s really hit a sensitive nerve with many readers and the dialogue continues. People take their ice cream seriously! We had the highest open rate, more emails, and more comments on this newsletter than ever before.

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wp-ice cream

Not Ben & Jerry’s! (Say It Isn’t So)


Imagine my dismay when a catchy article titled #DirtyDairy caught my eye this past Saturday amidst a myriad of newsletters I subscribe to in order to…

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Olympics 2016 – The Yin & The Yang

To begin with, I had to make sure I had the definitions of yin and yang correct. I am glad I looked them up because they fit in perfectly for the purposes of this newsletter. I have to admit I was taken aback by what characteristics were attributed to feminine and the…

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Revisiting Bridges or Walls

Mrs. Green is currently participating in Bioneers’ “Cultivating Women’s Leadership” – a 6-day immersion retreat uniting together women leaders from around the world. In honor of her time at the retreat, we bring you one of Mrs. Green’s most favored and insightful newsletters, originally published on March 10, 2016.

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Two Sides to Every Coin

Here are the two sides to my coin. Side one: I am on vacation staying with one of my daughters and her amazing husband in a tiny adobe house in a little town called Arroyo Honda near Taos, New Mexico. It’s been an idyllic mix of time spent with them, and one of my other daughters and two precious and wonderful grandchildren. We have hiked, played games,…

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What If…

(…you decided to change the world – one step at a time)

What if everyone single person reading this newsletter came up with his or her own “what if I committed to changing just this one thing?” or picked one of the possibilities I have included below and actually stuck to it? It would change the world – just like that.

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I had every intention of making this newsletter fun and light. I wanted to share a story about our search for certain colored marbles that are missing from our Chinese checkers and tie it in to why one should shop local. Then Orlando happened. The marble story will wait. I don’t feel light. I don’t feel fun at this moment. I don’t feel like writing about LED lights or composting…

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Being, Listening, Breathing, Healing

The very good news is that as I sit and write this, I am surrounded by conditions that are close to idyllic. It’s a cool and breezy 72 degrees and I am in the White Mountains in a little village called Greer, Arizona. Not only can I hear any number of birds singing, but the sound of the Little Colorado River about 50 feet from my door could put me to sleep – easily!

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