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Don’t be a Sucker

Hopefully after reading this, you will never want to look at, think about, nor consider using a straw again – not ever. You will become straw phobic like me! To put it bluntly, straws really do suck!

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Our thanks: To you. Your support and your belief in our mission and vision continues to inspire us, challenge us and to keep on showing up – in your inbox, in your podcast feed, on our social media challenges and anyplace else we can find you. We believe in being Disruptors for Good and we strive for ways to…

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FRESH START IN 2018: 4 Questions to Get Going!

This newsletter I am inviting you to think about sustainability from the very core of your being – not in a heavy way but in a light “something fresh to think about” kind of way. I am inviting you to take some time to reflect and think about what a fresh start for the New Year looks like for you. I am inviting you to put some thought into what you want your life to look…

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Tips for a Food Waste-less Thanksgiving

This newsletter is going to be more on the “Mrs. Green Light” side of things as we head into my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving. And since everyone I have spoken with in the last twelve hours is over-the-top busy and hurrying up getting ready to relax, this is going to be a record breaking short one too.

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Amazon Rainforest: Your Oxygen Supply!

Let’s face it. I am obsessed with the Amazon Rainforest – its beauty, its bounty, its secrets, its blessings – all of it. I so wish I could share every single moment of my recent two-week trip deep in the heart of the rainforest in Ecuador with you but, alas, I cannot!

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Soul Feeding in the Amazon

In lieu of writing a newsletter while away in the Amazon, Mrs. Green shot her first ever video newsletter. See what she has to say about her upcoming trip, how it connects her to her passion for the health of the planet, and why the Rainforest matters.

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This One’s for Nolan

I wake up every other Monday morning thinking about what I am going to write about in the newsletter. I gather ideas every day between newsletter writing days, make notes, and keep track of links. I am usually ready to go, or at least have the topics down to two, when the next time to write rolls around.

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Are You Ready to be Inconvenient?

Please note: there are two sides to this story and I hope you stay with me for both of them.
On the one side…According to every dictionary site I searched, inconvenient is an adjective that means not convenient especially in giving trouble or annoyance or causing trouble, difficulties or discomfort. So I…

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In Harvey’s Wake: Ample Harvest

For this newsletter, I planned on writing about faith leaders uniting to end hunger, about Food Waste Weekend. Good news, uplifting, call to action kind of news, right? Yes, and even more relevant, important and timely considering the devastation brought on by Hurricane Harvey, right?

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Or is it Just Not Enough?

I have to admit when my friend Molly sent us a link to an article that started out with these lines: “Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world” I was taken aback. How can this be? But…

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