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Three Things About Abbott Taylor Jewelers

1. Abbott Taylor Jewelers is a family-owned business and in the thirty-five years I have known Abby, every family member, with the exception of their 10 year old grandson, has worked there at one time or another. Family matters to them above all else. 2. You will find no dirty gold at Abbott Taylor jewelers. […]

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Three Things About Chapman Tucson

1. Chapman Tucson is a family-owned business that takes great pride in supporting the communities in which they operate. They walk the walk. In Tucson, their dealership includes: Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Acura, Chapman Used Cars and last but certainly not least – Mercedes-Benz. Lots of top-rated clean fuel burning, fuel efficient vehicles in the […]

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Renee’s Organic Oven

1. Renee’s Organic Oven has the best, most delicious, healthiest spinach salad in all of Tucson, Arizona. And did I mention their creamy garlic and feta cheese dressing? 2. Renee’s Organic Oven serves delicious, healthy, organic menu items including meat, cheese, ice cream, tea, coffee & wine from local sources. 3. Renee’s Organic Oven is the First in […]

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Three Things About Goodwill Industries

1. Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona is NOT just about thrift stores 2. Their business is about changing lives through training and employment 3. Ready for this? In the past YEAR, Goodwill kept 18,847,890 pounds out of landfills. Now there’s a number for you! You can read all about them, their wonderful programs and the […]

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Three Things About Legendary World Travel

Since becoming part of Mrs. Green’s World, Scott Caddow, owner of Legendary World has made the following changes: 1. He recycles ALL of his electronic devices, shops at Goodwill, frequents the Farmer’s Market, buys groceries at Sunflower (lots of organic), trades at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, and has planted a garden! 2. Scott has a green […]

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Three Things About The University of Arizona

1. The University of Arizona’s 387 acres in central Tucson is the OLDEST continually maintained GREEN space in Arizona 2. It is ranked #16 among ALL public universities by the National Science Foundation 3. The UA has a newly formed institutional sustainability structure in place to better equip the campus to move forward toward its […]

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Mrs. Green’s Top Ten

1. If you only do just ONE thing — say goodbye to plastic bags. Reusable is the way to go! 2. If you can make TWO changes — switch from plastic water bottles to reusable aluminum. You’ll save money & Mrs. Green will love you. 3. Save on your energy bill — unplug phone chargers, toasters, coffee makers […]

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Mrs. Green’s Steps to a Healthier Future

1. The number ONE reason why people make more sustainable choices is for their health? 2. Did you know that health — of our bodies, our homes, our children, our planet — is what motivates Mrs. Green every single day? 3. YOU can make a difference in all of these areas by taking green baby […]

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Three Things About Bookmans

1. Bob Oldfather purchased “the business” from his Dad over 30 years ago for $1.00 and baby, look at him now! 2. Bookmans now has 6 locations throughout the state of Arizona. Books you say? Tons! And CDs, DVDs, magazines, books on tape and lots of other interesting “stuff.” Mrs. Green highly recommends spending time […]

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Three Things About VerVe Salons

1. Both VerVe Lifestyle salons have warm, friendly people greet you when you walk in the door. It feels homey. No plastic bottles in sight but rather a large glass water container with something like lemons or limes or cucumbers floating in it. 2. As Mr. Green says “it doesn’t smell in here.” The reason? […]

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