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Environmental Benefits of Donating Your Car

    As an eco-conscious person, you know that the longer you can keep something out of the landfill, the better. Right? For most items, this is true. Your old car, however, may be an exception. In fact, there are quite a few compelling environmental reasons to get rid of that old clunker. Here are […]

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Green Lightning Bolt

(or Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Food Babe?) Although the article that inspired me to write about Vani Hari is from several months ago, the news is worth sharing again. For anyone who has ever thought they can’t make a big difference, think again and read on. Meet Vani Hari, known as The Food Babe. […]

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Olympics 2016 – The Yin & The Yang

To begin with, I had to make sure I had the definitions of yin and yang correct. I am glad I looked them up because they fit in perfectly for the purpose of this blog. I have to admit I was taken aback by what characteristics were attributed to feminine and the masculine but I […]

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Fruit wash

5 Cleaning Uses for Vinegar (A Great Non-Toxic Cleaner)

Guest blogger Garrick Dee Tan I can bet that almost every kitchen in the world has a bottle of vinegar they use as part of a side dish or a flavor enhancer. If you live in Asia like me, vinegar to dishes is like oxygen to us – it is a necessity. But there are […]

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The Benefits of Regrowing Fruits and Veggies from Scraps

  Guest blog submitted by Kevin Bautista, Many things in life may or may not last for a long time. Good thing, as far as some fruits and veggies go, with a little effort, you can go a long way to getting an unlimited supply of produce in your very own home. Not only that, […]

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Independents Week

Guest Blogger Helene Tack Local First Arizona Want to be a better steward of the environment?  Our Independents Week campaign which runs from June 25 – July 4, can help you find goods and services from independent businesses that can help you achieve a greener lifestyle.  Here are some members accepting the Golden Coupon, good for 20% […]

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I had every intention of making this fun and light. I wanted to share a story about our search for certain colored marbles that are missing from our Chinese checkers and tie it in to why…

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Being, Listening, Breathing, Healing

  The very good news is that as I sit and write this, I am surrounded by conditions that are close to idyllic. It’s a cool and breezy 72 degrees and I am in the White Mountains in a little village called Greer, Arizona. Not only can I hear any number of birds singing, but […]

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Cancer Prevention: Within Our Reach?

Thoughts & 10 Practical, Simple Tips Before you start reading, think about this. One in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in his or her lifetime. Sad right? But guess what folks? Nearly HALF of all cancers are preventable. Why aren’t more researchers and thought leaders talking about this instead of, or in addition […]

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It’s All About You

Five Tips for Staying Healthy – I had the unbelievable pleasure of attending a mini-retreat hosted by The Aspen Club centered around Chris Crowley’s life-changing book Younger Next Year. The quality of…

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