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Half of all non-renewable resources used on earth are used in construction, making it one of the most detrimental industries to our environment on the planet. But we need construction, right? As a…

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  I feel compelled to start this blog with a head’s up. It was a really tough one for me to write and there were many re-writes throughout the day. Without question it’s because I decided to take on a personal, complicated and maybe even private subject: Spirituality or Spirit or the nonphysical part of our beings […]

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Mindfulness: A Blessing or a Burden?

I remember a time, that now seems very long ago, when I would wake up in the morning and start my day with the regular routine. You know the drill – go take care of Nature’s business, take a shower, brush my teeth, apply skin care and make-up (pretty minimal for me), dry my hair […]

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Where’s the Beef? And the Pork? And the Healthy Pet Food?

The good news for the planet is that more and more people are becoming vegans and vegetarians or at the very least, cutting down on the amount of meat they eat. It’s good news for the planet because the methane produced from cows alone contributes to the acceleration of climate change so the less meat […]

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Say What? Five Ways Tumeric Can Prevent Hearing Loss!

  The Benefits Of Turmeric When Fighting Hearing Loss Turmeric has been used since ancient times to fight and prevent a number of diseases in the body. It has proven its effectiveness time and again since the time of earlier civilizations up to present. Recent research has gone on to prove many of turmeric healing […]

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7 Fruit and Vegetables With Nasty Surprises : Pushing Back Against the Pesticides

We all know that getting enough fruit and vegetables into our diets is one of the keys to optimum health. Again and again we are told to get our ‘five a day’. However, with recent studies…

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Green Home Design Trends

By Guest Blogger, Damon Henrikson
Did you ever think you’d see the day when “green” was mainstream? We may not be there quite…

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My Walk This Morning? For The Birds!

Like millions of Americans, today is the day I recommitted to getting regular exercise for 2017 and actually started. And I REALLY mean it this year.  Sound familiar?  Let me just add that I really mean it.  And it’s not about losing weight (which would be great) but about my commitment to good health. At […]

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A Tale of Two Hives

By Guest Blogger Nicole Young The First Hive I am a crunchy, hive-loving, honey-eating adorer of bees. I fundamentally understand that bees and their simple, yet important work are absolutely critical to life on our planet. I even rescue bees drowning in our pool if I can. This side of me is called Bee Lover. But, […]

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Eco-Friendly Geopolymer Injections Offering an Alternative to Traditional Underpinning Methods

Guest Blogger Geoffrey Spencer If your home has ever been affected by subsidence, settling or foundation issues, you’re probably aware of the devastation it can cause. The usual treatment is underpinning the foundations to re-level them, which can be harmful to the environment as well as pretty expensive.   The process involves excavating the surrounding […]

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