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Celebrating 10 Years of Making an Impact

Gina Murphy-Darling, Founder and CEO Mrs. Green’s World – Ten years ago, Gina Murphy-Darling said “yes”. She stepped into a role that she felt called to fulfill – being a vessel of education…

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It Takes A Village – Or Maybe 10,000

Doug Lapp, Senior Buyer and Purchasing Manager and Val Schade, Ten Thousand Villages – What do I love about Ten Thousand Villages and why was the MGW team so impressed with…

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Your Moment of Truce!

Diann Peart, PhD, Principal and Visionary, Truce – Imagine a company whose core values include making cleaning products that are not at all harmful to your health or the health…

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What Lies Within?

Gary Gibson and Tim Sibley, Russett Southwest – When I found out that upper respiratory disease was listed as the third highest cause of death in Pima County (in a report issued by the Pima County Health Department)…

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Ending Poverty: The Apparent Way

Marilyn Monaghan, Director, The Apparent Project – The only way to end poverty is to get people out of it. The Apparent Project in Haiti has one powerful mission: prevent child relinquishment…

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This Old Dog: The Ultimate Recycling

Laura Coffey (author of My Old Dog) and Karen Hollish, Director of Development and Marketing, Pima Animal Care Center – Laura Coffey is as passionate about adopting old dogs,…

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My sincere and heartfelt thanks for the amazing and much appreciated feedback about my last newsletter – On Mind, Body, Spirit: Earth Day 2017. It felt great and made me believe that it is something many of us are hungry for. Hope you are remembering to feed your soul. Gentle reminders to follow.

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7 Fruit and Vegetables With Nasty Surprises : Pushing Back Against the Pesticides

We all know that getting enough fruit and vegetables into our diets is one of the keys to optimum health. Again and again we are told to get our ‘five a day’. However, with recent studies…

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What Has the EPA Done for You Lately?

Alternative Facts Not Included

The answer is: LOTS! I am ever so hopeful that after reading this newsletter, you will conclude that we need the EPA and all that it stands for. And that you might even consider engaging in any effort you can to preserve it. The Environmental Protection Agency…

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Did You Have Milk with Your Pesticides Today?

Imagine my disgust when a newsletter I subscribe to showed up in my inbox several weeks ago with this headline: Breaking: Alarming Levels of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Found in America’s Food. Even this non-scientist knows about glyphosate.

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