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Ready to Talk Trash?

Imagine fitting ALL of the trash you created in one YEAR into one mason jar. Is there any part of you that thinks it’s even possible? That someone could live a happy, fun, exciting life and really only produce that much trash? I could not until I had the opportunity to meet Lauren Singer. Get ready to have your bright green socks knocked off. She is a young, fun, hip,…

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Trash is for Tossers!

Lauren Singer, Founder & Waste Free Planet Preserver: Meet Lauren Singer – she lives a zero waste life in New York City of all places. Two transformative moments/events showed up in Lauren’s…

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Truth be told I have written this newsletter in my head about 20 times and have edited this one at least 5. Why? Because I want to knock it out of the ball park. I want to write the most profound, thoughtful, relevant, inspiring thoughts you have read since the election results were announced last Tuesday night. I want to…

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BEST OF SHOW: Caridad: Caring in Action

Kristen Culliney, Life Skills Instructor/Program Manager, Caridad Community Kitchen – At the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, they change lives in the greater Tucson area by feeding…

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Bread, Wine, Chocolate: the Slow Loss of Foods We Love

Simran Sethi, award-winning journalist & author – I am so thrilled to report that I have met and spent time with Simran Sethi and she is quite impressive on so many levels. Since I haven’t…

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Tucson Water Reliability:  The Big Picture

Timothy Thomure, Director of Tucson Water and Fernando Molina, Public Information Officer, Tucson Water – This show is the last of a very popular and well-received series on Tucson Water.

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The Yin & Yang of Climate Crisis

Brendan Kelly, Founder of Jade Wellness Clinic & author of the book The Yin and the Yang of Climate Crisis – I am a true believer of what Brendan has to say. Blending the external…

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BEST OF SHOW: Younger Next Year Part Two

Chris Crowley, author of Younger Next Year and Thinner This Year – I know, that’s quite a bit of thinner and younger! What I can tell you is that I have read Younger Next Year, that it changed my life…

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Humanity’s Plastic Addiction: Saving Our Ocean

Guest Blogger Joe Thomas Plastic is having a devastating effect on our oceans, our wildlife and ultimately on us as a human species. The introduction of plastic in the 20th century has led us to become increasingly reliant on its use and now a large percentage of almost everything we buy contains plastic. However, while […]

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Tucson Water Reliability: Water Conservation

Daniel Ransom, Water Conservation Program Manager and Fernando Molina, Public Information Officer – This is the fifth of our six part series with Tucson Water and promises to be another…

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