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Biosphere 2: The BIG Earth Day Celebration!

Kevin Bonine, University of Arizona, Director of Education & Outreach, Biosphere 2 – The entire month of April will be a celebration of sustainability and the environment at Biosphere 2.

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Mindfulness: A Blessing or a Burden?

I remember a time, that now seems very long ago, when I would wake up in the morning and start my day with the regular routine. You know the drill – go take care of Nature’s business, take a shower, brush my teeth, apply skin care and make-up (pretty minimal for me), dry my hair […]

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An Orbital Perspective on Spaceship Earth

Ron Garan, Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, Explorer, Aquanaut & Astronaut – When you visit Ron’s website , it states that Ron “occasionally can be found in low Earth orbit, on the bottom of the,…

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Where’s the Beef? And the Pork? And the Healthy Pet Food?

The good news for the planet is that more and more people are becoming vegans and vegetarians or at the very least, cutting down on the amount of meat they eat. It’s good news for the planet because the methane produced from cows alone contributes to the acceleration of climate change so the less meat […]

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Synchronicity Earth

Jessica Sweidan, Co-Founding Trustee – When Jessica and her husband, Adam, founded Synchronicity Earth, they wanted to look at the whole conservation landscape, make sense of it, and…

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The Future of Your Home: Part Two

Mike Baruch, TEP’s Residential Energy Efficiency Program Manager – What is the future of your home as it relates to energy? Do you have a Nest? If not, why might you want one?

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Clean Fuels – Know Your Options

Colleen Crowninshield, Clean Cities Manager, Pima Association of Governments – Join us to learn about the many choices drivers have when it comes to clean fuel options and today’s…

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BioNurse: Generating Spaces for Life

Camila Hernandez – I was actually in the audience at the Bioneers 2016, when John Lanier, Executive Director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and sponsor…

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How Inconvenient Is The Truth? Installment #2

For new MGW newsletter subscribers, this is Installment Number Two highlighting some of the education I received while in training as one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leaders in Denver, CO several weeks ago. I hope you find it informative and helpful…

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