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Guidelines for Guest Blog Submission

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Mrs. Green’s World blog. Mrs. Green’s intention is to build a community of people who care about our planet; we’re pleased you care.

Mrs. Green welcomes submissions from professionals in their fields, free-lance bloggers and green living enthusiasts. However, we cannot guarantee all blog entries submitted will be published on Following these guidelines will certainly help us determine if your content is appropriate for Mrs. Green’s blog and if the quality of your writing is compatible with our standards.

  1. Subject – Choosing a subject or theme based on information or inspiration you garnered through one of Mrs. Green’s World’s communication channels is recommended. Adding a personal spin, flavored with clear and interesting self experiences, adds interest and credibility.
  2. Back up facts – If you make a statement of fact, science or otherwise, back it up with a reference to the source in the copy or as footnote. Avoid statements such as, “According to several studies, there’s a connection between the foods we eat and our daily mood.” First, unless you’re able to site more than one study, don’t use “several.” Secondly, be certain the source is credible and include a website link to the source material. If a fact is actually a testimonial based on your personal experience, do share!
  3. Stay positive – Mrs. Green World’s approach to educating and entertaining is based on “We don’t tell you want to think. We just want you to.” Emulating this approach is always a good idea. Including a point of difference to your belief is appropriate; scolding or admonishing other’s viewpoints is not.
  4. How many words? – We suggest a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 1,200. If your blog is less or more words, it will still be considered based on its content. Note: our editor is authorized to make appropriate changes to improve readability. If clarification of statements is required, you will be notified.
  5. Photos, graphics – If you have royalty-free photos or graphics to complement your blog, please send them along. A headshot of you as the author would be welcome, too.
  6. Submit your blog to

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