Truce product photoHow does this company exemplify the concept of “reducing”?

For their cleaning products, Truce only fills the bottle up with the concentrated cleaner without the water, so that the buyer is responsible for adding the water. This reduces the weight and transportation costs associated with the product! They also employ a local delivery company that uses hybrid vehicles for their deliveries.

How does this company exemplify the concept of “reusing”?

Instead of having to go out and buy a new bottle of cleaner when you run out, they sell “refill” bottles so that you can reuse the perfectly good bottle that you already have!

What is this company’s recycling policy and practice?

They ship all of their products in recycled boxes and recycled packaging, abd all their labels are repurposed vinyl with no VOC inks

How is this company engaging and informing consumers and employees about the 3 “Rs” and other sustainable practices?

Much of their educational effort is aimed at communicating to their customers that the problem isn’t always the plastic, it is often failing to get that plastic into the recycle stream rather than the urban waste stream (landfill). They say we need to use plastic because it is lightweight, easily recyclable, and does not break like glass. Now it’s on us to be responsible with the plastic we do use.

What else would you like us to know about this company?

Their cleaning products are also completely organic and made of only 5 non-toxic products, and smell and work amazingly!