Hall of Fame

2012 Arizona’s Greenest Workplace Winner – St. Michael’s Parish Day School

St. Michael’s Parish Day School’s green initiatives focus on water, electricity and paper products.  The school collects 56,000 gallons of rain water annually in cisterns for use on natural landscaping, and has recently installed 800 solar panels on its roof which virtually eliminated the need for purchased electricity. In addition St. Michael’s reduces waste by providing iPads for teachers and students to allow them to receive instructional material electronically, as well as engaging in an aggressive paper recycling program.  Since the school began they have sent used textbooks to World Care which distributes them to other academic institutions.

“I love how they (St. Michael’s School staff members) are incorporating sustainability into their curriculum and operations and building a green ethos within their young students to impact their entire lives,” said judge Park Howell, co-founder of Park&Co, a green marketing agency in Phoenix.  “The fact that they are teaching these vital lessons early in their students’ lives so they can make these changes in the future is impressive,” added judge Matt Herrington, director of sustainability at Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc. in Tucson.


2012 People’s Choice Award Winner – Sam Levitz Furniture

Tucson’s Sam Levitz Furniture wowed voters with its measureable sustainability stats:  the company reduced their landfill waste by 16% last year and recycled almost one million pounds of cardboard.  The company also updated its truck fleet using the newest technology to lower carbon emissions, cut down on idling time and reduce fuel usage by almost 3,000 gallons annually. The family-owned and operated company was founded by Sam Levitz in 1953 and is actively involved in community organizations in Tucson, Arizona. Each year, Sam Levitz donates over $50,000 of furniture to social service agencies.


2011 Arizona’s Greenest Workplace Winner – TriSports.com

TriSports.com’s commitment to sustainability is evident upon arrival at their headquarters at 4495 S. Coach Drive in Tucson. Flanking TriSports.com’s 32,000-square foot facility are water harvesting tanks, holding a combined 36,000 gallons of water.  The tanks are also utilized as a City of Tucson water harvesting demonstration site.  By year’s end, a 128kW solar array will span the roof top of the building, and two shade structures on the parking lot. The solar system will provide about 90% of TriSports.com’s energy usage.  TriSports.com supports customers’ Green lifestyles through its GreenBox program—customers can choose to receive their orders in recycled boxes, filled with recycled packing materials. Green initiatives are practiced by TriSports.com 50 employees, many of whom participate in the company’s incentivized bike-to-work commuter program.  Debbie Claggett, vice president of TriSports.com, said, “This award is a source of pride for everyone who works here.” Claggett added, “We have been nominated for many awards, but this one really speaks to the environmental efforts we make every day, and have been making since we started the company back in 2000.”

TriSports.com also operates a nonprofit company, TriSports Racing, which stages the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival in June in Show Low, Arizona. The annual event is a certified silver-level Green event through the Council for Responsible Sport. “We love what TriSports.com does and are very impressed with their strong commitment to hosting Green events,” said Mrs. Green. “We hope that lots of people in the retail and event worlds are watching what TriSports.com is doing so that they can join the ranks of successful businesses making a difference for the planet.  It is obvious that they are Green from the inside out, which is where all true sustainability begins”.


2010 Arizona’s Greenest Workplace Winner – Golden Eagle Distributors

Golden Eagle’s online contest submission noted, “Being green is part of the way of life at Golden Eagle.  We are always seeking out new ways to be more energy efficient, use less and reuse whenever possible.”

The company recycles aluminum, glass, cardboard, plastic, and paper.  In 2010 alone, Golden Eagle has already recycled over 4 tons of aluminum, 62 tons of glass and 420 cubic yards of cardboard, plastic and paper.

The distributor’s facilities are receiving upgrades to be more energy efficient, with changes in HVAC controls that resulted in electric usage dropping 8.7% and natural gas usage dropping 60%, and new lights being installed in the warehouse to save 656,000 kilowatts per year (the equivalent of planting 121 trees per year).

Golden Eagle’s “Green Team” helps keep green initiatives at the forefront through rewards and education.  Employees helped clean up Kennedy Park in May and are planning another park clean up.  Employees are also encouraged to carpool and use alternative modes of transportation.

In the community, Golden Eagle provides no-cost, reusable recycling bins for special events to promote recycling of beverage containers.   The company has started purchasing compostable beverage cups made from corn to be used at special events.

Golden Eagle recently converted their large delivery fleet in Tucson from diesel to CNG (compressed natural gas) and installed a CNG station at their headquarters in Tucson. The station is also open to the public. Through the use of UPS Logistics software, the company increases its fuel efficiency by effectively rerouting delivery vehicles to maximize routing efficiency.