Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona

How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concepts of reducing, reusing and recycling? (500 character max.)

Goodwill helps our community 1) Reduce-declutter homes and/or spend less on quality items; 2) Reuse-purchase used goods & give the item multiple lives, incl upcycling; & 3) Recycle-Goodwill is committed to recycling old computer equipment (with Dell), cardboard, paper, metal etc. where possible. Goodwill’s Youth Restoration Project is also an employment program for youth who refurbish & upcycle old/damaged furniture. Last year, our donors & shoppers helped us divert 28.5M lbs from the landfill.

How does the company engage and inform employees and consumers about sustainability? (500 character max.)

Goodwill participates in events like tabling events, presentations for the Sustainable Series, have our Youth Restoration Project sell/inform the public about their program at the SAHBA Home Show, participate in workforce coalitions, use social media, engage with media studios & other opportunities to inform the public about Goodwill’s role in sustainability.

How does the company you are nominating give back to the community? (500 character max.)

With the help of our supporters, Goodwill assists thousands of people ea. year gain skills & knowledge needed to create sustainable futures for themselves & their families by getting a job, earn a GED/other credentials, etc. Goodwill’s role in sustainability go beyond the environmental aspect – we invest in people & jobs so that not only are we living “greener” we also provide opportunities so people can support their families. Last year, Goodwill was able to serve 10,000 adults and 1,000 youth

What else would you like us to know about this company? (1,000 character max.)

Since 1969, Goodwill® Industries of Southern Arizona provides a “hand up” for any person who wants to realize their potential through education and training leading to self-sustaining employment. Goodwill® operates 5 youth programs and 5 adult programs including Academic Services, that serve those with specific barriers to employment including but not limited to physical or cognitive disabilities, limited education, former incarceration and/or circumstances that have come with a difficult economy or company downsizing. Goodwill accomplishes its mission and provides these services at no cost to the individuals served because of the sale of generously donated items from the community and some federal, county and City funding sources. Learn more at


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