Food Conspiracy Cooperative Inc.

How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concepts of reducing, reusing and recycling? (500 character max.)

The Co-op sells mostly organic foods, resulting in reduced chemical impacts on the land and our bodies. The Co-op encourages customers to bring reusable bags or re-purposing boxes instead, offering no free single-use bags. The Co-op reduces food waste through donations to food pantries and composts food scraps. Digital coupons and e-receipts reduce paper use. The Co-op’s daily practices include separating all recyclable plastic, paper, metal and glass from landfill.

How does the company engage and inform employees and consumers about sustainability? (500 character max.)

The Co-op trains employees who inform customers on sustainable practices and environmentally friendly products. We reduce the carbon footprint of shipping and shopping and models sustainability through product selection, messaging and daily practices. The Co-op offers classes and engages in community events on topics including local sustainable food practices, water conservation and a healthy environment. The Co-op creates a network of active, informed citizens engaged in sustainability

How does the company you are nominating give back to the community? (500 character max.)

The Co-op provides zero interest loans to farmers. The Co-op donates food and gift cards for community fundraisers. The Cooperative Community Fund, a growing endowment, helps fund other community-owned institutions. The “Daily Roundup” collects money from customers at the register for local organizations. The “Pie Party” multiplies the power of individual giving by raising funds for non-profits at a creative and social event. The Shop and Share program lets customers to pay-it-forward.

What else would you like us to know about this company? (1,000 character max.)

Food Conspiracy Co-op’s business model is based on the Triple Bottom Line of social, economic and environmental sustainability. The Co-op is a democratic organization which exists to serve the community. Its mission statement, ends statements and corporate bylaws embody being an ethical, environmentally conscious business with an educational focus and community presence. The Co-op seeks to empower customers and staff to improve their own lives and the larger community. The Co-op seeks to create good jobs at living wages and a brighter future. The Co-op seeks to purchase locally and have a positive economic impact. The Co-op also offsets its carbon footprint by contributing money to plant trees in a “Co+op Forest.”


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