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renovation angel

How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concepts of reducing, reusing and recycling? (500 character max.)

Renovation Angel is North America’s premier luxury kitchen, renovation, and furniture recycling enterprise. Renovation Angel’s offers benefits to homeowners who receive: 1) full tax deduction, 2) free, professional, white-glove removal, pack, and transport, and 3) no disposal costs. Products are re-used and re-sold at the Green Demolitions Super-Store in Fairfield, NJ. Since 2O05, over 4,600 kitchens recycled and 26 million pound have been diverted from landfills.

How does the company engage and inform employees and consumers about sustainability? (500 character max.)

Renovation Angel informs employees and consumers through two websites, the 43,000 square foot Green Demolitions Super-Store, and numerous positive press.

Renovation Angel’s charitable mission is: 1) Creating jobs (over $16.5 million), 2) Protecting the Environment (diverted over 25 million pounds from landfills), and 3) Supporting high quality charities focusing on addiction recovery, youth-at-risk, job training, and social entrepreneurship (distributed over $2.1 million)

How does the company you are nominating give back to the community? (500 character max.)

Renovation Angel ‘s offers a “win-win-win “give back” to the communities nationwide in four ways:
1. High-net worth property owners can recycle rather than dispose
2. Consumers can purchase luxury recycled kitchens, renovation items, and furniture at affordable prices
3. Environment is protected by reduced landfill waste and the associated energy costs.
4. Charities receives funding without fund-raising or government grants.

What else would you like us to know about this company? (optional, 1,000 character max.)

Renovation Angel is a model for self-sustaining “entrepreneurial charity.” The idea for Renovation Angel was inspired by the witnessing of the demolition of a 10,000 square foot Rockefeller mansion in Greenwich, CT in 2001 (owned by Farah Pahlavi, the former Queen of Iran). Since establishing in 2005, Renovation Angel is a section 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

In just 11 1/2 years, Renovation Angel created the “luxury kitchen recycling” industry in the United States. Renovation Angel has partnered with Sub-Zero and Wolf and Walker Zanger to raise awareness for luxury kitchen recycling as a best practice. Renovation Angel works with industry advocates including architects, builders, designers, real estate agents, estate manager, family offices, accountants, and other financial professionals. Renovation Angel has conducted projects for the members of the Forbes 400, celebrities, sports stars and team owners, and numerous high-net worth property owners.

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