Snooze AM Eatery

IMG_0850How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concept of “reducing”?

We (Snooze AM Eatery) strive to reduce our blueprint everyday at Snooze. We have gone to low flow toilets in our restrooms and ask each guest if they want water and ONLY bring upon request. We have installed energy efficient dish machines as well. As far as energy reducing items go, we use LED and CFL lights, motion sensors and maintain our appliances regularly to ensure they are running at peak performance.

How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concept of “reusing”?

At Snooze, we introduced an employee cup program where the employees are encouraged to bring their own health standard cup to work or use the reusable ones we have on hand. While our guests wait, we offer them free coffee in a reusable cup as well. Our products are purchased with the entire life cycle in mind. What does this mean? We ask the questions: “How is it made?” “What is it made from?” What will happen to it after we use it?” All these items are critical to make sure we get the best product even if it might be more expensive.

What is this company’s recycling policy and practice?

We recycle over 65% of our waste. We have separate trash containers for waste, recycling and compost. This is a big deal and one we are very proud of.

How is this company engaging and informing consumers and employees about the 3 “Rs” and other sustainable practices?

Every business using a website nowadays. The Snooze website includes a sustainability section where our12 months of green is included. Each restaurant appoints a green captain to help keep everyone informed about the monthly focus. We strive to do green outings as a team as well. Recently some of us went and toured a recycling plant.

What else would you like us to know about this company?

It is a really neat place to work. They have a lot of programs to educate the staffs and for them to be involved within the community as well. Each restaurant works with 2 community partners and I just love that Snooze gives back.