Hayes Construction

Photo-by-Chris-Mooney-CMM3185How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concept of “reducing”?

We (Hayes Construction) have a construction yard and garage that holds all of our ‘scrap’ from our jobsites. When we move to another job, we check our yard first for building materials. We are also skilled around the office at ‘fixing’ a thing, rather than tossing it. We have always checked for tools and equipment at Gerson’s and Kent’s Tools first. We buy in bulk, reducing packaging, and we combine vehicle trips, use phone and teleconferencing, and we hang on to everything that has the potential to be re-used or re-purposed. It’s fun.

How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concept of “reusing”?

Remodels require demolition, and for us it is like Christmas. We carefully sort any useable parts of a project and use them on new jobs where appropriate. You will also see many of those parts in our own homes. We always scan a property for any cactus and hold them in a nursery for landscaping. We recently re-painted our old signs from the 90’s to accept our new graphics. The office has a nice supply of used paper, envelopes and boxes ready for the next project. We have many tools from our father’s tool boxes still in use, and we appreciate the value and meaning of that to the earth and our hearts.


What is this company’s recycling policy and practice?

In the office, we recycle paper, ink cartridges, cans, plastic, glass and organics. We print everything on recycled paper and communicate electronically when possible. On our jobsites, we separate green waste and send to Tank’s for composting. In addition, we separate useable materials for re-use, we even use the lumber cut-offs for the fireplace to keep us warm in the winter. If we can keep waste out of the landfill, we do. We especially enjoy bringing all of our metal scraps to the recycler for $Green!


How is this company engaging and informing consumers and employees about the 3 “Rs” and other sustainable practices?

Because the 3 R’s have been a guiding force for Hayes Construction for 30+ years, it is difficult to pin down precisely, it is simply what we do. We have taken on the mission of educating key groups and anyone who will listen on the value of Green Building and living practices. There are many barriers to sustainable building, and we are continuously breaking through walls and building bridges in our industry and community. Green has no borders, and we believe our efforts are helping unite the amazing Green entities and resources throughout our communities with our residents and each other.


What else would you like us to know about this company?

We have followed our heart’s passion for sustainable building practices to create a culture of education that will help our larger community grow as a whole and foster a mutual respect for the environment and each other. This passion has positioned us as a leader in green and sustainable construction in Pima County. Among our Green achievements are leadership positions in The Marana Chamber of Commerce Green Committee (MCCGC) (chair) as well as The Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) Green Council (Co-Chair). At MCCGC we were instrumental in creating the inaugural “Big Green Marana Event” where we are bringing together green business, government and the community to explore all things Green. The overreaching goal of this event is summed up in the tag line “Your passport to a greener world”. At the SAHBA Green Council we meet monthly with local builders and suppliers to discuss and learn about new techniques and products available. We have also started looking into the feasibility of a “Greening SAHBA” project that may be undertaken in the coming year. We are also active in Local First and a supporter for Tucson Clean and Beautiful and Mrs. Green’s World and attended the annual Balle conference in Phoenix this year and plan on exploring B-Corp and Bioneers. We have also been a featured Green speaker in several other groups. We were invited to take part in a panel discussion for Sustainable Tucson and The USGBC Sonoran Branch titled “Architecture in Tucson’s Built Environment” where we taught the attendees about the costs and benefits of sustainable building practices. We were also invited to a meeting and discussion for our perspective on Pima County’s Inclusive Design Ordinance and how this ordinance may be adapted to a state wide effort. Additionally, we presented to the Arizona Chapter of the International Association of Accessing Officers about the hard costs and cost savings that sustainable building have to offer. Our intent was to help direct appraisers to give the true value of green building because low appraisals are one of the biggest barriers to offering sustainable building to our clients. The goal of educating the community looks even brighter for Hayes Construction in 2016 when we plan to create a coalition Green Leaders that would meet to discuss events and education and distribute that information as a unified voice. The working name for this group is the Southern Arizona Green Alliance (SAGA). In our Beautiful Sonoran Desert, all we see is potential for a sustainable future and we intend to be a force to connect all the Green Dots in our community.