A & E Recycled Granite

AErecycledgraniteHow does the company you are nominating exemplify the concept of “reducing”?

1.5 million pounds! That’s how much stone countertop waste A & E Recycled Granite has diverted from the Tucson and Phoenix landfills since opening in 2014. If we had made all that material into our 3×6 pavers, stacked end to end, it would stretch 60 miles into the Arizona sky! We’re proud of that number, because that means we’ve reduced the amount of our planet’s beautiful mountains being buried under trash. We’ve reached that milestone by refining our processes, increasing the types of products we manufacture, and continuing to educate on using materials that offer a solution to the solid waste crisis in Arizona.

How does the company you are nominating exemplify the concept of “reusing”?

To counteract the increase in natural stone waste, A & E Recycled Granite started manufacturing eco-friendly products out of 100% post-consumer countertop remnant material. This process helps preserve our natural environment in Arizona by significantly reducing tonnage in landfills. By using locally sourced material our products do not contribute to global CO² production as a result of shipping new material from around the world. By using existing waste A & E Recycled Granite does’t add to the need for new mines or expanding current mines. Our business model relies on the principle of Extended Product Responsibility, an emerging concept for a new generation of pollution prevention that focuses on product systems and reusing waste material.
What is this company’s recycling policy and practice?

Our Green Partners Program is designed to encourage recycling, to develop change within industry practices and to create a collaborative relationship that benefits Arizona’s environment. We have a 5yr. goal of becoming the first zero waste countertop recycling facility in the southwest. We created a water recycling paver washer and are currently working with the state of Arizona to invent a machine to eliminate water consumption completely from that process. Being a new industry, we are committed to creating a symbiotic relationship with municipalities that will spearhead a new definition of downstream accountability. This sharing of responsibility is a more efficient use of resources that provides interdependent benefits to reach environmental goals.

How is this company engaging and informing consumers and employees about the 3 “Rs” and other sustainable practices?

A & E Recycled Granite is committed to educating on the need to reduce our planet’s grand mountains’ sad demise into the solid waste stream. We seek out different venues to educate students, consumers and trade partners with our documentaries; “Granite’s Journey; From Mine to My Landfill”, and the sequel, “Granite’s Journey 2, From Outcast to Outcomes” that highlights Arizona’s countertop importation effect and the strides we’ve made to eliminate the waste. We offer educational tours of our facility to emphasize the scope of the issue and the process that we use to recycle the material.

What else would you like us to know about this company?

A & E Recycled Granite’s motto is, “We enjoy recycling a TON!”. Our recyc-ufacturing is a massive labor of love, with all of that granite being off-loaded and sorted by hand at our facility. Our business is family owned and operated and this process allows us to teach the next generation that good stewardship sometimes requires a lot of effort and perseverance.

With our Greener Gifts division we work with non-profits to donate materials to Arizona builds. A & E Recycled Granite has donated over 4 tons of building materials. Plus employees have provided their time to install at a Homes for Our Troops build, thus allowing our most severely injured Veterans a specially adapted home that contains eco-friendly products.

With A&E Recycled Granite being close to the Pantano Wash Bike Trail, we offer free delivery to local bicyclists that visit our showroom. Since you can’t exactly haul a 1,000 pound Fire Pit home on a 18 speed! We’ve contracted with a water delivery service and purchased reusable bottles for our employees, eliminating the need for plastic water bottles.
Our contributions to Arizona’s environment and the products we create from waste have recently been acknowledged by the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association with the 2015 Most Innovative New Product award.