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Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc. is a proud sponsor and supporter of Mrs. Green’s World! Golden Eagle was the winner of the 2010 Arizona’s Greenest Workplace Challenge. Golden Eagle is so dedicated to implementing green alternatives into their workplace, that the company chose to sponsor this year’s challenge to help promote awareness throughout the business community. “Taking care of our environment and making sound business decisions that include environmental awareness has always been part of our business plan,” said Kimberly Clements, president, Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc.

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Golden Eagle’s 2010 winning submission and additional information:

GED recycles aluminum, glass, cardboard, plastic, and paper. So far this year, Golden Eagle has recycled over 4 tons of aluminum, over 62 tons of glass and over 420 cubic yards of cardboard, plastic and paper. Recycling bins for paper and plastic are located throughout our facility.

Our “Green Team” encourages employees to recycle their empty beverage containers, reuse paper, and conserve energy by turning off lights in areas not in use. This team of employees helps keep Green initiatives at the forefront of our minds by rewarding employees who are “caught” recycling, and educating employees on green topics. GED employees helped clean up Kennedy Park in May and Sears Park in October.

In addition, our facilities are receiving upgrades to be more energy efficient. We have installed new lights in our warehouse that will save 656,000 kilowatts per year, the equivalent of planting 121 trees per year. Our HVAC controls were changed earlier this year which resulted in our electric usage dropping 8.7% and our natural gas usage dropping 60%.

Our office is conveniently located on a bus route with a stop immediately in front of our building. We have employees who carpool regularly and we are part of the RideShare program. We actively communicate alternative modes of transportation and encourage carpooling.

GED is a member of the Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition. The Clean Cities Coalition promotes the use of clean fuels and clean-fuel vehicles in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program.
At special events throughout Tucson, Golden Eagle provides at no cost, reusable recycling bins so that events can promote recycling of beverage containers. We have started purchasing compostable beverage cups made from corn to be used at special events.

To promote clean waterways, each summer we provide recycling bags to area lakes including Lake Patagonia to encourage boaters to remove their trash and not litter.

Through the use of UPS Logistics software, we have rerouted our delivery vehicles to maximize routing efficiency.
Looking forward, we are researching alternative fuel methods for our delivery fleet.  We are working on a pilot program with Ryder on a liquid gas solution with the help of the Clean Cities Coalition and Clean Energy, America’s leader in clean transportation.

What makes this workplace green? Being green is part of the way of life at Golden Eagle. We are always seeking out new ways to be more energy efficient, use less and reuse whenever possible.