Reader Reviews

“A good read for anyone who is looking for a way to show love to Mother Earth!  Mrs. Green’s tone is approachable and conversational.  She encourages her reader to further research and adopt a greener way of living that is personal, yet highly impactful to Mother Earth.”

– Alyssa Lew, mother of two, Atlanta GA

“First and foremost I truly enjoyed reading the book.  It was concise but also precise in the information presented.  It allowed me to hear of the many causes needing our attention in the environment without feeling overwhelmed and stressed as well as bogged down in statistics.  As a person who is happy to never take another Experimental Analysis class I truly appreciate this format!  The book also brought home that change is a process.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with all that is needed to create a healthier environment.  I have certainly experienced a sense of “How can I make all of these changes overnight?” attitude.  I realized from your presentation over the summer and is now reinforced in the book is that I can start making changes one at a time.  The first change that occurred for me was USE LESS PLASTIC!  I immediately began using recyclable bags and paying attention to how I am packing lunches for my kids.  Little changes that can bring about bigger ones.  I think my next one is going to be investigating cleaning products.  This will take some time but I believe I can do it and the information in the book helps me to begin engaging in this process.  I appreciated Mrs. Green providing helpful resources that are easily accessible to consumers.  This simply facilitates the process of change.  Lastly, I appreciated hearing of Mrs. Green’s personal journey in making her own changes and that she still struggles in making those changes and maintaining them.  It brings home the message that we are all human and mistakes are going to be made but that we all have a responsibility and obligation to ourselves, each other,  and Mother Earth to give it our best shot!”

– Theresa Parsons, mother of two, Pittsburgh PA

The reader is drawn in from the very beginning with this catchy title which tugs at the heartstrings. No matter where the reader resides, there are wonderful tips for how one can help preserve our planet. As a newcomer to Mrs. Green’s World, I have been well-educated in things I previously took for granted; information in the book which touched on cosmetics, plastics, toxins in my office and food toxins were revealing and prompted me to want to make changes. Although I am still a meat-eater, Mrs. Green offers some wonderful tips for healthy eating that virtually anyone can begin to incorporate into their diet. As an educator, Gina has taught me how to be an informed student of sustainability and I am now much more aware of the potential concerns with all of the products we use in our daily lives. Gina Murphy-Darling has truly followed her passion and none of us could ask for a better champion for this important cause.

– Allison Hubley, University Professor, Fountain Hills, Arizona