Our Children, Our Future: TMC Cares

Thursday, October 12 at 12:00 am (PT)

The dynamic duo of Amy Fregonese and Jordan Richardson, Child Life Specialists, Tucson Medical Center

If you have ever had a child who had to be hospitalized, you know the fear that grips all of you as you walk through those doors. Join us to hear about the passion, dedication, commitment and in-depth knowledge that these two women and their colleagues at TMC bring to the table. They do everything in their power to put everyone at ease starting with the children. Amy and Jordan will share what services they provide, how their team puts energy and focus into the community to help create positive attitudes around healthcare, and how the community helps by giving back. It’s a show you will not want to miss and another example of how TMC’s commitment to healthy and sustainable communities is far reaching and impactful. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Medical Center.


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