BEST OF SHOW: Kiva: Beyond Charity

Tuesday, November 28 at 12:00 am (PT)

Premal Shah, President and Co-Founder and Kathleen Bennett, KIVA

I have stood in awe of this incredible organization from the first time I read about it well over ten years ago. Envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others. Envision Kiva. They are an international nonprofit, founded in 2005, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Kiva by the numbers? 2.4 million borrowers, 83 countries, 1.6 million lenders, $993.8 million in loans funded through Kiva and, drumroll pleaseā€¦a 97% repayment rate. Are you as excited as I am to hear stories about how, by lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential? How does it work? Why is Kiva so wildly successful? Join me as I delve into the story of Kiva with Premal and Kathleen and share in the joy of learning about how this organization is truly getting people out of poverty in real and sustainable ways every single day. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.


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