Make Monday Matter

We are all familiar with the Monday morning blues. I woke up this morning and said to myself “okay, here goes.” Then I took a deep breath and decided to make a different choice. How about Make Monday Matter? #MMM? So here are a few thoughts I’d like to share about how we could all make a different choice today and really make Monday matter.

– Make a phone call to a Senator to thank her for saving millions of lives by voting against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Lisa Murkowski 202-224-6665; Susan Collins 202-224-2523)
– Make someone happy
– Make a visit to a locally owned restaurant or office supply company or gas station & tell the owner why you came
– Make time to exercise
– Make a choice to eat healthy all day
– Make sure not to use a straw & even consider signing the pledge:
– Make a small contribution to a cause you believe in
– Make it a great, green, sustainable Monday
– Make a date to have coffee or tea with an old friend you would like to catch up with
– Life is what you make it. Make it count. Make it matter.

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