Tucson Medical Center: Celebrating Women’s Health

Thursday, May 11 at 12:00 am (PT)

Mimi Coomler, Chief Nursing Officer, Tucson Medical Center

TMC recognizes that every woman is unique! They also know that women’s health care needs are unique and have a commitment to address those needs. They offer a range of services and programs that take care of women at every stage of life from pregnancy and menopause through maturity. Get ready for a fun, informative and engaging show with Mimi Coomler sharing TMC women’s health topics to celebrate Women’s Health Month & hear all about the Joel M. Childers’ Women’s Center which offers a center of excellence for women’s health providing those state-of-the-art services with a caring touch. I of course believe women’s health matters so I can’t wait for the interview myself.  This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Medical Center.


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