All Aboard: The Goal of Mayor Jim Brainard

Broadcast on 2017/02/21 (PT)

wp-jimbrainardJim is the six-term GOP Mayor of Carmel, Indiana (same state as Mike Pence.) He was one of only four Republicans on a Presidential task force on climate change. Although Jim argues that conservation has long been a core Republican value – the root word of conservative being “conserve” – he’s arguably more of a “rogue elephant” in this arena now more than ever before.  But he remains a strong believer in the cause, and his willingness to speak out could embolden other Republicans who care about conservation. There are many of them. This is such an important show for me personally because it is all about finding common ground with people from both political parties who understand and who are willing to stand up and be counted about the most critical issue facing our planet today: climate change. And if you want to know why Mayor Brainard has been dubbed “The King of Roundabouts” you will want to join us. The story is a fascinating one. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.

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  • James Brainard is the six-term Republican Mayor of Carmel, Indiana – which makes him one of Indiana’s longest serving mayors. During his time as mayor, the population of Carmel has nearly tripled but remained focused on environmental sustainability!
  • Mayor Brainard was the only one of four Republicans on a presidential task force on climate change.
  • During the beginning of his term, he researched what made a city sustainable and asked the locals what the ideal city looked like. Most of them said they wanted places within walking distance, places they could go without having to drive long distances, more community centers, parks and other public areas.
  • Mayor Brainard worked to grow Carmel while being conscious of wanting clean air, clean water and a quality place. He made his vision and the vision of the community into reality. They now have almost 1,000 acres of parkland, 190 miles of bike and pedestrian trails and have built a walkable, pedestrian friendly downtown!
  • Carmel has won awards for being the # 1 Safest City to Raise a Child and Best Small Cities for Families in America, along with numerous other awards.
  • The roundabouts implemented in Carmel have not only allowed traffic to flow smoother, but it has saved fuel and therefore has improved air quality.
  • Instead of ‘wasting’ the solid waste from sewer treatment plants, Carmel has invested in diverting that waste into fertilizer, saving the city money.
  • Solution for those of us worried about the current administration? Local government is where it’s at – what we do at the local level is just as important!
  • Around the nation: 1,250 Mayors and 1,240 have signed the KYOTO protocols – many mayors are doing the right thing.


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  • Research issues that may be going on within your community and how you can help.
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