Tucson Water Reliability:  Operations & Systems

Broadcast on 2016/08/30 (PT)

wp-BrittKleinwp-FernandoMolinaBritt Klein, Water Maintenance Division Administrator, and
Fernando Molina, Public Information Officer Tucson Water

Try to imagine what it takes to ensure that safe, reliable water is delivered to thousands of residents around the city each and every day.  And then try to imagine what it takes to maintain the infrastructure that supports it all. From the water sources to your homes and businesses, to waste water collection and distribution and everything in-between, Britt is the “buck stops here” guy when it comes to water reliability. Please join us to listen and learn.

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4 thoughts on “Tucson Water Reliability:  Operations & Systems”

  1. Fernando Quintana says:

    looks like you may be replacing old pipes along tanque verde loop road between tanque verde and speedway roads? Is this true? If so when will work start and end?

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Thanks for reaching out Fernando. I will pass your information on to our connections at the Tucson Water Department and I am sure they will get back to you. Hope you enjoyed the show!

  2. Linda Shosie says:

    Hello, our coalition is currently having trouble getting City of Tucson to respond to our request on the Data and time for the next public hearing coming up relevant to the TARP Closing . It is critical that Public is given proper notices to such projects and processes to participate in the decision making process during the F/S and R/I process . EPA, has also become more and more a concern to our communities because the department directors seem to not respond well with answers to many questions which delay our comments which are very important during EPA, hands in many CABB members have also stopped participating CABB meetings simply because they do not understand the gov language and english, including Implementation . we would really appreciate if we can get an answer ASAP, before the date of public hearing . Thank You Mr. Molina.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Dear Linda – thank you so much for your comments and inquiry. We will be in touch with the folks at Tucson Water and will email you and publish their response once they are in touch.

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