Emerging Women LIVE

Thursday, October 13 at 11:00 am (PT)

Creative Entrepreneurship, Authentic Connection, Inspired Leadership.

October 13-16, 2016  •  San Francisco, CA

Are you feeling exhausted, depleted or unfulfilled, despite enormous dedication and commitment to your career, family and community?

Maybe it’s time to leverage your feminine virtues instead of burying them, so that you can feel the thrill of authentic success.

A tribe of brilliant, talented women, including some of today’s most creative and inspiring thought-leaders awaits you at Emerging Women Live.

Emerging Women Live aims to support and propel feminine business leadership by helping you harness the power of your unique self, so that you can make exciting and necessary waves in your field while creating a new paradigm for success that satisfies YOU.

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What you’ll experience at Emerging Women Live:

  • Discover the power of vulnerability, self-compassion, and being REAL
  • Find the courage and inspiration to take your work to the next level
  • Hear from successful business women how to lead with authenticity and power
  • Discover the vital and sensual power of feminine expression
  • Learn practical methods and tools for starting and growing your business
  • Navigate the complexities of crowd-funding, investing, marketing and more
  • Form circles that will support you as an entrepreneur, leader and creator
  • Meet our well-known presenters through book signings
  • Integrate with nourishing practices such as yoga, dance and meditation


Do you have a strong desire to clearly articulate the truth of who you are? Are you feeling a rising power inside of you that you feel must be expressed? At Emerging Women Live, you will find the inspiration and the courage to follow your instincts and create a fully aligned life. This event is about giving us the tools, inspiration, and network to create success on our own terms. As we discover who we really are – through soul-searching practices, collaboration, and a commitment to transformation – we become clear about the kind of life we want to create. When this happens, an energy swells up inside us that is so alive we feel like we have special super hero powers. And we do! We each have our own unique special abilities, and collectively our super powers can and will change the world!  (insert superhero music here)

As we follow this energy, the energy of emerging, we become more and more the exalted beings that we truly are. We gain confidence in our intuition, our ability to communicate, and our power to bring out the best in ourselves and those around us. This level of vital conscious being is what emerging women have to offer to the world of business, creative expression, and entrepreneurship – and the combination has never been more in demand!

Be real about who you are and get yourself out there – you will see how many flock to your special brand of wisdom.