Tucson Water Reliability: Water Quality

Broadcast on 2016/06/28 (PT)

wp-RemySawyerwp-FernandoMolinaRemy Sawyer, Environmental Scientist & Fernando Molina, Public Information Officer, Tucson Water

This is the second show of a six part series highlighting Tucson Water’s commitment to ensure that all customers receive high quality water and excellent service in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. Wondering about the quality of your water in Tucson? Don’t! Are you ready for this? Tucson Water’s Water Quality and Operations Division chemists, planners, analysts, disinfection personnel, system and water treatment operators, environmental scientists, and inspectors work together to monitor the quality of our drinking water at more than 400 wells, reservoirs, sampling stations, and homes throughout the Tucson metro area and surrounding communities. They test for 150 different chemicals and microbes and THEN report the information to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and to their customers. Hope you feel as good as I do knowing this!

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9 thoughts on “Tucson Water Reliability: Water Quality”

  1. Shannon says:

    Enjoyed listening to this podcast. I have always been cautious with drinking tap water but there is so much that goes into keeping city water safe. Clearly Tucson water cares about its citizens and their health. I look forward to listening to the rest of the series. The speakers were knowledgeable about how to keep our water safe.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Shannon – all of my fears have been assuaged as well. We have a knowledgeable, passionate and extremely competent team of people committed to the health of this community. I, too, look forward to the rest of this series. And we are planning a bonus – a one hour show for our last. If you have any questions or things you would like to know more about, please email me at gina@mrsgreensworld.com & I will be happy to address them with the staff during our interviews.

  2. sal estillore says:

    Excellent presentation in informing the public about the safety of our water supply.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Sal- thank you for your feedback. This is proving to be an outstanding series with total transparency and excellent content about the inner workings of Tucson Water Department. They have big challenges and are up to meeting them all as well as planning for the future of our community. I am personally looking forward to the next four of this six part series.

  3. Madeline says:

    The broadcast by Remy Sawyer, Tucson Water Environmental Scientist, revealed how knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed she is and the employees at Tucson Water to ensure high quality water and excellent service!

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Thank you for your comments. Given the events of Flint, Michigan and other reports surfacing, we are truly fortunate to have the caliber of people at the City of Tucson Water Department. They are top-notch professionals and Remy is a shining example of that. I hope you will listen in for the next four of this series. Quite impressive.

  4. Listened to your cast on June 28th with Remy Sawyer. Pleasant, but their answers were very general, and I could find no verification that Tucson water is in compliance with EPA lead standards. There should be a CCR (consumer confidence report) online, but nowhere to be found. I may have missed it, but also could not find one on the ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality)site. Disturbing. There has been too much high-level coverups from the EPA down to trust anyone now. More than 5400 water systems have been found to be out-of-compliance, and I need to know if we are one of them. Too many children at risk including mine. Thanks.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Dear Steven – thank you so much for writing and for your great questions. Trust me when I say I am on it and so will the folks be from Tucson Water. I know that some of these reports are available and published so you will be provided with links. I will email them and ask to be copied on the response so that I can publish it. Stay tuned and thanks for listening!

  5. Candice says:

    Hi Stephen!
    Thanks for your comment on Mrs. Green’s World website. It’s certainly helpful to know listeners comments and concerns after our shows air, so thanks for taking the time to write. We understand your concern and as community members we have the same expectation for clean, safe drinking water. Tucson Water’s Annual Water Quality Report for 2015 is listed under the Water Quality section of our webpage, here: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/water/wqreport. This report is linked on our home page and meets EPA’s guidelines for a Consumer Confidence Report. We’ve asked that this CCR language be added to the Annual Report link on the homepage, to provide clarity to customers. I encourage you to read through this report and please let us know if you have additional questions.

    Candice Rupprecht
    Water Conservation Specialist

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