Keep Our Blue Skies Blue!

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Tucson has beautiful blue skies. We all want to keep them blue, right?

Cars and other motor vehicles are the No. 1 source of air pollution, so if we all drive a little less, we can really keep our air clean. This summer, Sun Rideshare (a program of Pima Association of Governments) is conducting the “Keep Our Blue Skies Blue” campaign to help people drive less and reduce emissions that make our air unhealthy.

The campaign runs May 1 to Sept. 30, and it encourages people to drive less in three main ways:

Sun Rideshare Rewards Program. Every month, Sun Rideshare offers rewards to people who take alternative modes of transportation – anywhere from $25 to $100. All you have to do is log your trips in the Sun Rideshare Travel Calendar, and if you take enough trips, you are entered to win. This program will continue through the summer, with a special emphasis on different modes each month. May is Bike Month, June is Carpool/Vanpool Month, July is Transit Month, August is Telework Month, and September is Walk Month. In addition to the normal Rewards offered, Sun Rideshare will give out an additional $50 on Car Free Days when you take a trip using that month’s mode.

PAGReduceATonIcon-smReduce a Ton Challenge. The less people drive, the better our air, so Sun Rideshare is giving away extra prizes for those “mega users” of alternative transportation. Log your trips into the Sun Rideshare Travel Calendar, which will not only tell you how much money and vehicle miles you save, but also how much pollution you prevented.

If you can reduce one ton of pollution by Sept. 30 (approx. 1,200 miles over a 5-month span), you’ll be entered to win grand prizes—a MacBook Air laptop, an iPad, and an iPad mini! Not only can you win some great prizes, but what a really GREAT  accomplishment, individually saving one TON of pollution from entering the air.

Blue Skies Corporate Challenge. Companies also can do their part to keep our blue skies blue this summer. When they pledge to participate in the Blue Skies Corporate Challenge, they’re partnered with like-sized businesses, to compete on who can have the highest employee participation and who can reduce the largest amount of pollution.

Learn more at When we all drive a little less, we go a long way in keeping our air clean and Keeping Our Blue Skies Blue.  And Mother Earth smiling.