Earth Month Series – Preserving the Planet is a Family Affair: Good Food on a Tight Budget

Broadcast on 2014/05/03 (PT)

wp-DawnUndurragaDawn Undurraga, Nutritionist, Environmental Working Group aired on 5.3.14

Dawn has witnessed first-hand how our current food system affects people’s lives, and she is committed to shaping policies for a more sustainable and healthful future, informed by research. Imagine that!!! Leave it to EWG to help us find a way to stretch our dollars to get a month’s worth of healthy, filling food. They assessed nearly 1,200 foods and hand-picked the best 100 that pack in nutrients at a good price, with the fewest pesticides, contaminants and artificial ingredients. Affordable healthy foods? Don’t you want to know what they are? Join us to find out! This show sponsored by Chapman Automotive.

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