Save Them All

Broadcast on 2014/12/06 (PT)

wp-FaithMaloneyFaith Maloney
Co-Founder,  Best Friends Animal Society

Their mission is simple and incredibly powerful: “Together, we will end the killing in America’s shelters. Save them all.” Millions of pets end up in shelters each year for a myriad of reasons – divorce, foreclosure, death in the family, economic problems and sometimes even problems with the pets and their behavior. Tragically, over 4 million of these homeless pets are killed in shelters each year. The research done by the Best Friends Animal Society supports that 90% of the animals that enter shelters are adoptable, or could be, with care and treatment. Best Friends believe it’s possible to make this senseless killing a thing of the past and they intend to do just that.  Join me to learn how. This show is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Best Friends Animal Society and is in memory of Pam Hodges.

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2 thoughts on “Save Them All”

  1. Switzerland says:


  2. Switzerland says:

    “Save Them All” is an amazing concept but I wonder why they don’t use the term “No Kill” or does that term compete for funding or do the principles and semantics in philosophy differ. Both of these catch phrases are positive and invoke powerful emotion to save the lives of innocent animals…RIGHT?

    I ask you dig a little deeper before signing on. Every local shelter strives to end euthanasia but the issues go beyond the statistics fed to the public by national organizations. These organizations resemble conglomerates that have perfected national marketing strategies to perpetuate their growth with animal issues coming second to that goal.

    As for Best Friends they have yet to “Save Them All” in their own state. I would ask that they lead by example. I would also ask if saving them all applied to the touchy subject of fighting breeds that are now pets and not fighting in a ring killing other dogs. Do those killed by them count as needing to be saved too? I am not talking about two dogs standing off at the dog park over dominance. I am taking about the 1 mllion fighting breeds that are euthanized annually which are genetically predisposed to attack without warning and relent until death. One example is a “Victory Dog” (one of Michael Vick’s) dogs in their care that dug under a fence and killed innocent dogs. Are we ensuring that those victims of sad to label “pit bulls” are worth saving too?

    I also believe that most people like yourself believe that public safety has been taken into consideration in the 90% that are deemed savable, or is it? I can tell you that it is proven that indiscriminate overbreeding typically cause health issues and unpredictable aggression. The breed that populates the shelters due to that indiscrimate breeding are pit bulls. This along with their predisposition to dog to dog aggression proves deadly to not only other pets but their owners, chdren as well as other adults(over 30 annually and climbing).

    Do I believe that 90% minus the 1 million pit bulls can be saved…I say YES, but including them…NO! I am not a dog racist. This same problem occurred with other breeds like GSD when they were indiscriminately overbred but those breed lovers didn’t blame victims or circumstance. They blame their dogs and took action. They self imposed breeding restrictions. They culled overt aggressive puppies but most importantly to their dogs back for any reason virtually eliminating their breed from being surrendered at shelters.

    With all this said it is imperative that the pit bull community address their overpopation problem before “Saving Them All” can occur.

    Peace Out!

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