Sunday, December 7 at 1:00 pm (PT)

This is the big event! TEDxTucson is proud to present Point of Impact, our Impact-filled event that is sure to challenge your status quo! So we invite you to come and Crash into New Ideas with TEDxTucson!

In addition to all of our amazing speakers (they’re below by the way!) we will also have catered breaks, and because we love a good after party, we will be presenting after party food as well! Come join in the fun, discussion, and new ideas!

Corey Ferrugia 

Corey Ferrugia is a Singer, Songwriter turned Social Entrepreneur.  As founder of MyTown Music and Co-founder of Context Method, Corey’s influence as a thought leader in education, artist development, and social responsibility has been widely recognized.  As an artist, and entrepreneur, Corey is driven by a passion and promise to “Inspire others to Inspire themselves.”  Corey is currently collaborating with a virtual who’s who in education and music, with his eye on winning the X Prize for Global Education.

James Robilotta 

James has a passion for improv comedy.  He started his team, North Coast, in 2009 in New York City.  North Coast incorporates freestyle rapping and beat boxing into long-form improv and they blow audience’s minds around the country.

Gina Murphy Darling (aka Mrs. Green)

Gina Murphy-Darling, aka Mrs. Green, has just one, albeit huge goal in mind: Preserve the planet. This translates into educating and inspiring audiences through Mrs. Green’s World Radio Network.

Chamber Lab with Chris Black

ChamberLab does not respect the seeming boundary isolating “classical music” from all other forms of music in our community.  One thing ChamberLab certainly respects is the level of talent, skill, and musicianship to be found in our community’s classical performers, and that is why we seek out the best for our concerts. We’ve been blessed to have members of Arizona’s finest musical organizations — from the Tucson Symphony and up, down, and out in every direction — participate in our concerts.

Tony Ford 

Tony Ford has over 20 years experience in media and management. He directs social media, new media, and web media content creation and marketing for Sparc Interactive, ArtFire.com and is the founder of Maker House, the worlds first artisan driven maker space in Tucson, AZ.