Sustainable Communities Series with Mrs. Green – EMERGE from Domestic Abuse

Broadcast on 2014/09/23 (PT)

wp-DDC14_20142306 MrsGreens_icon3A look at Southern Arizona organizations dedicated to a healthy future. This series sponsored by Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment.

Ed Mercurio-Sakwa, CEO, EMERGE, Center Against Domestic Abuse

To me, the true definition of a sustainable community/planet is one that is economically, environmentally and socially healthy and resilient.  As we all know, domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of age, sex, financial status, sexual orientation or race. In other words, it’s everywhere.  Join us as we explore the important role this organization plays in providing the opportunity to create, sustain AND celebrate a life free from abuse for the clients they serve, and why stopping the cycle of abuse should matter to all of us.

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