Exhausted? Take the One-Day Car Free Challenge


From where I sit, driving one’s car whenever and wherever the need arises is a common occurrence in the daily lives of millions of Americans (maybe billions) So what might happen if we all pick one day in the entire year and commit to not driving our cars? Imagine that. A group of visionaries did more than just imagine it and World Car Free Day was born in the year 2000. For reasons I was not privy to, they picked Sept. 22. So every year Sept. 22, people from around the world on four continents get together in their streets, intersections, and neighborhoods to remind the world that there are alternative, healthy travel choices to our car-dominated society. 

So what’s happening in your community? You can Google Car Free Day to find out, but here’s what’s happening in my hometown. Tucson will join in the celebration again for World Car Free Day. Sun Rideshare and the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) are promoting this international event as as Car Free Day Tucson in an effort to encourage drivers to leave their cars at home for a day and try an alternative mode of transportation. When was the last time you thought of that? And why does it matter? Using alternative modes of travel helps to reduce pollution, traffic congestion and energy consumption, as well as promotes a more active, healthy lifestyle. Is there a downside?

SunRideShareI hope you are inspired from reading this blog and want to know how you can participate. I give a “Mrs. Green high five” to Sun Rideshare and PCDEQ for putting together some fun incentives for participating. Translation? Neat prizes. Here are the details on how to participate and qualify for the prize drawings:

  1. Go to www.sunrideshare.org/ridepro to login or register in the Sun Rideshare Travel Database
  2. Go to the Travel Calendar to log your car-free trip
  3. Drag and drop your alternative travel mode to Sept. 22 for your chance to win an E-reader, $100 gift cards; or a Sun Rideshare gift package

It’s that simple and only ONE car-free trip is needed to possibly win. One more important detail? All trips must be logged in by 8:00 a.m. on Sept. 23 to qualify. All I ask is that you let me know if you enter and win!

Make it a great, green, car free day.