Self-Reliance in an Urban World

Broadcast on 2014/06/28 (PT)

WP_CodyLundinSurvivalist Cody Lundin

I believe that Cody Lundin is one of a kind. I guess we all are but you know what I mean. Cody is an internationally recognized professional survival instructor with more than 25 years of hands on teaching experience. His love of all things began as a child with the influence of his homesteading grandparents. Their rural South Dakota lifestyle of living close to the land and doing more with less was Cody’s first exposure to what the family still calls, “that good ol’ pioneer spirit.” I will be challenged to find a wilderness experience that Cody has not pioneered or lived through. But not as challenged as I will be to find one that I have. Cody is one of a kind and this is my first show of this kind – ever. This show is sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.


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17 thoughts on “Self-Reliance in an Urban World”

  1. witchypoo says:

    Down to earth, say it like it is, no beatin’ around the bush, man!! You’re amazing, Abo-Dude!

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      I agree! He is amazing. And the no shoe part!

  2. Mark H. says:

    Cody is an amazing humanbeing. His books are also amazing. He should be on Dual Survival instead of Joe.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      AND he was a truly great, informative show guest.

  3. Jan Deelstra says:

    Today I was watching the newly hatched quail seeking shelter from the scorching Arizona day. They are so adorable! The adult birds were excited by my presence and acted as distractors to lead me away from the younsters. As I watched, I began to understand how vulnerable they are, and I also began to consider how vulnerable all living creatures are (and I am one who considers the Earth as living). We simply must be able to be self-sufficient, and along side of that sufficiency, we must learn to live in harmony rather than as predators. This was a worthy broadcast, and one which I will share. Thank you. ~In gratitude, Jan Deelstra

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Dear Jan – sincere thanks for sharing your heartfelt, sincere thoughts. And I could not agree with you more. I continue to have hope we will get to that place of harmony someday.

  4. PJ England says:

    An interesting and informative show. Donate the chickens to a food bank.

  5. Michael says:

    Great interview!
    It was good idea to invite Cody Lundin.
    Miss Green you already gained a follower.
    Greetings from Poland πŸ™‚

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Thanks Michael! I hope you will tune in to other shows. Please stay connected.

  6. LeonardCoulson2 says:

    While I have no issue with the message of this man in todays interview and never had,I find it hard to have confidence that he really means it.
    I do appreciate the message Mrs Green hopes to send by allowing this, yet I am sickened at how this man set back the work to be done with his previous behaviors of the last few years.
    Because,It makes no sense , this is Cody Lundin the same guy who censored people for saying the same thing on his facebook page when the Doomsday preppers and Zombie freaks were calling him GOD. He ( his staff) removed relevant posts for sake of chicks commenting on his sexy legs and post about planet X. He offended true self reliants, called us armchair, and rednecks, his staff spokeswoman mocked the religion of others, and laid judgement on many, then tried to sell us courses…when we tried to share. Many were bullied and threatened, he allowed it to continue even after complaints were made. He boasts of integrity and called people liars when he himself was hiding behind the TV PERSONA he was emulating at the time. No one blames another for earning a living, but he had no issue calling out/ Banning others who had useful info. He passed character judgement on others, accused others falsely outside his TV connections. SO how can he say he is all about bringing about real change when he insisted only HIS voice was heard. Afterall, even bad/lemon used car salesmen claim to have honesty and integrity, right?

    He wishes to teach others, but there are others who have useful things to add, yet he downs them. This guy lost more friends than he had to spare. And since it is as diverse (as he leads the listener)how is it he only lets himself do all the talking, and called the rest naysayers…HE INSULTED MANY FOR JUST A FEW. HE sold out to a TV show he can no longer defend ( told you so cody!), Created literal wars among people that should be working together. He says he was fired for safety due to a costars incompetancies, then turns around and says his co star and says he was not the first choice for replacement of the old one…however, during the pre third season airing, his was claiming he personally vetted the guy and his background. Now he downs another, Matt Graham who teaches his own set of skills in his own way…Also true to self. ( shame on you Cody!)

  7. Nancy Harvey says:

    Brilliant radio interview. I love Cody and his school of thought. Thank you ~

  8. LeonardCoulson2 says:

    For real educators look to your own communities, your local cooperative extension, and Wildlife and Game services for information.
    Experience is a learning tool, but does not call for brutal insults, foul language. You don’t have to kill your neighbor to survive.

    Here are some of my inner circles, my alma mater that been teaching this since Lundin was living on food stamps. This is what he banned and insulted.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Leonard – the tagline for my show is β€œWe don’t tell you what to think, we just want you to.” Thank you for telling us what you are thinking about. I appreciate it and you.

  9. LeonardCoulson2 says:

    One thing is known for certain, Lundin has inspired without educating as well as he could. He has not exactly been as truthful (open)and as clear as he could, he has inspired without being careful to what he inspires (TV doomsday)by his involvement in TV. He has silenced those who could have helped make differences in the world, so he could proclaim himself a common sense expert. Lundin has been more par of the problem than he has the solution.

    HE/This is why the humane society has more chickens than it can handle!

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Again – thank you for sharing your honest thoughts.

  10. As usual Cody speaks logic. Love hearing his views and happy to hear from him again. I miss seeing him on the Discovery channel…the only TV I watched in years!

    As a fellow Arizonan, a fellow barefooteer, and an environmentalist (for lack of a better word), I hope to hear and see more of him in the future. I think the release from the Discovery channel is a blessing. Now you can do your work in peace.

    Walk in love, Cody. You are a true frontier man! Debbie

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Debbie – thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.

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