Food Episode 7: Mother Nature’s Foodie

Broadcast on 2014/05/17 (PT)


Our exclusive series: What Am I Eating & Why Should I Care?  It All Starts with Your Fork.

Gary Paul Nabhan
Gary is an agricultural ecologist, ethno botanist, and writer whose work has focused primarily on the plants and cultures of the desert Southwest. Growing food in hotter, drier land? Heritage in the farming Southwest? Gary’s got answers. Read enough to tune in? Just a tad more to entice you: Gary Paul Nabhan is an internationally celebrated nature writer, food and farming activist, and proponent of conserving the links between biodiversity and cultural diversity. He has been honored as a pioneer and creative force in the “local food movement” and in the seed-saving community by media like Utne Reader, Mother Earth News, New York Times, Bioneers and Time. And now by Mrs. Green!

This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson and is part of our “What Am I Eating & Why Should I Care?” series on healthy eating, healthy planet, healthy you.

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  1. George Wiese says:

    You should follow Gary with how to get heritage seeds and tips for growing a garden in the desert.

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