Green Inspiration or Indulgence?

herbsIf you have never had a day when you doubt your purpose in the world or have never wondered if you are doing the right thing or are in the right job, please call me. I want to hear from you. Barely kidding.

I was having one of those days earlier this week. I was still going at it at 10 at night just trying to get one more thing done, doubting myself, struggling with answers to some big questions. Then this email arrived in my inbox from one of our amazing Mrs. Green team members, Amy Timmons, and all was right with the world.  Amy is in an intensive program studying to be a master herbologist. Here‘s what she wrote and that’s all I am going to write. I got my message from the Universe or God or Spirit and it was loud and clear.

Amy writes:

“Super crazy busy reading cases for school – midnight deadline and 7 more cases to read. Ugh. BUT… in my case reading, I came across this description and affirmation for a flower essence that I thought you would appreciate and love (fyi – Rescue Remedy is a flower essence):

Green Cross Gentian (FES) Frasera speciosa (Swertia radiata):
Courageous soul alignment with the living being of the earth; hope and resolve for world service and healing despite setbacks or challenges. For those who feel the pain of the earth.  (Mrs. Green note:  I do!)


–  I have Faith for the future of Earth and all her peoples.
–  I send healing to the Four Directions of Earth’s Body.
–  I carry the Cross of Earth despite change and challenge.
–  My love for Earth and all humanity fills me with Spirit-Force.”

Is it any wonder why everyone loves flowers? Hope this will inspire you to stop and smell them. They are there for a reason other than just looking pretty. Joy to the world on every level. Thank you, Amy.