Recyling Mania at Habitat for Humanity’s Habistore

Broadcast on 2014/02/11 (PT)

wp-TerryDeeTerry Dee
Director of Retail Operations

Truth be told, I have been known to drop by the HabiStore in Tucson just to see all of the crazy, fun “stuff” you can find roaming around there. From gently used (and sometimes looks like NEW) furniture to cabinets, refrigerators, washer and dryers, to storm doors and maybe even that can of paint you were looking for are among the many treasures you might discover on your trip to the Habistore. Needless to say, running the HabiStore is a big job that’s not just about selling used items. This is a BIG job and a BIG operation – including recycling metal, recycling things they can’t sell and recycling donated items to other non-profits. You will enjoy listening to Mr. HabiStore himself, Terry Dee. Please plan to join us.

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