Bookmans: Bob and Amie Sue Oldfather

Tuesday, June 4 at 7:00 pm (PT)

Bob & Amie Sue Oldfather will be sharing with us the details of their latest very exciting venture – Bookmans Recreation Exchange. Their store grand opening is on June 8th and is yet another example of the ultimate recycling – sports, recreation & outdoor  equipment.  This new store is the result of owner Bob Oldfather’s desire to bring the “Bookmans Experience” to the used recreation industry. Just as Bookmans Entertainment Exchange brought together passionate customers with passionate employees in a comfortable community oriented space, Bookmans Recreation Exchange will create for those interested in sports and outdoor activities. Join us as we build the excitement for another successful Bookmans venture.


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  1. To: Bob Oldfather says:

    **Please pass on to Mr. Oldfather if someone else is
    receiving this as it is very important to me. Thanks!

    Over a period of numerous years I have brought MANY things that the location on 19th Avenue have sold and also given Katie and all employees small gifts, samples and free food coupons and have never made a formal complaint to Katie about any employee. The experience I had with employee Melissa was so horrible that I felt it necessary to alert the owner. She got mad because I disagreed with her opinion and she was unable – after numerous efforts to dominate me – did not succeed in changing my thoughts. She told me that I was not allowed to buy the record player I selected ($75) because it was in HER section and I was told to leave her sight. As I walked away she continued after I asked her to drop it and told me all the employees there do not want people like me in the store and I should never come back. Seems strange to me that no other employee ever treated me like that before – Beth knows of me and would vogue for my credibility. I have a college degree in management with my first job being that of a retail store manager and one business practice was never to argue with a customer because other people are around and it creates a negative environment. Also realized that the customer pays my salary and to be grateful. No other employees came to me as I looked at other merchandise to show any support. I also noticed – as I have on numerous occasions over the years – groups of employees gathered at the trade counter gossiping – which was the case when Melissa had joined with three other employees there to do so, which you can verify with the camera. There is always so much to do in a store like that so it looks very bad to anyone who comes in there. Thank you for your time – it is unfortunate that both of us have to waste it on something like this but if you put yourself in my place and feel this experience you would find it extremely unsettling – particularily in light of the productive relationship we had (I brought A LOT of things there to sell).

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