Best of Mrs. Green’s World: Southwest Airlines – Operating with a Green Filter

Saturday, March 16 at 12:00 pm (PT)

Laurel Moffat
Outreach Communication, Southwest Airlines

Note from Mrs. Green:  sometimes things just happen. It is a RARE occurrence for us to do a repeat show. But alas! There has been a glitch in our matrix. We have been unable to make contact with the confirmed guest for our Saturday show at press time: Jason Fields, The Urban Farming Guys. So we are bringing you our most popular show of 2013 – a great reminder of all SWA does for the planet and how much they helped with getting the Ben’s Bells Project to Newtown, Connecticut only three short months ago.

So not only does SWA (and trust me, I fly SWA) not charge you for your bags AND still give you peanuts and pretzels AND frequently entertain you during your flight, they are going greener every day in every way they can. I am nuts about them. “Our performance, our people, our planet.” Don’t you want to know what this industry leader is doing to be a good steward of the planet? A great “first show” in 2013!

This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.