Tuesday, 7 PM – Compressed Natural Gas Use on the Rise!

Tuesday, February 12 at 7:00 pm (PT)

Colleen Crowninshield, Manager, Tucson Clean Cities Program, Pima Association of Governments

Join me on Tuesday, February 12 at 7 pm as I interview Colleen Crowninshield from the Tucson Clean Cities program at Pima Association of Governments. Here are some the questions that will be asked and answered! What is natural gas? What are the benefits of using natural gas? Why is it growing in popularity? What are local Tucson Clean Cities Regional Coalition members doing to get in the CNG game? How did it play in with the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show? Please plan to join us.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, 7 PM – Compressed Natural Gas Use on the Rise!”

  1. Andrew Heath says:

    Is this going to lead to more fracking?

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Andrew- why don’t we focus on more truly “renewable” energy sources like hydrogen? I don’t understand it all but I know there is so much controversy there has to be a better way. Thanks for all you are doing to make a difference.

  2. Colleen . Thank you for educating everyone on the use of natural gas in your area . If there is anyway i can help let me know i own the website naturalgasvehicles.com . We get huge traffic monthly so if you need a link to my site let me know . Charles Michael naturalgasvehicles.com The information highway for the next generation of vehicles

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Charles – thanks for writing. What are your thoughts on fracking and are some gas companies fracking responsibly? So much misinformation about there.

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