Can This Omnivore Go Vegan for a Week?

When I read this article by Leah Blunt in Earth 911, I did some soul-searching – again!  It’s about Leah’s story of challenging herself to go vegan for one week and to eat more than Oreos and bananas.  Can I do this? Where would I begin given that I am a picky eater already? How could I make it work for me and not be hungry all the time?  I still don’t know if I have the courage to do it and pretty much admit I would need the help of some friends. But I wanted to share some things that kind of shocked me as well as share the great article.  Here’s the link and I encourage you to read it in its entirety.

Shocker # 1  going meatless for just one meal a week is estimated to save about 84,000 gallons of water per year.  Yes- you read it right. Give you pause too?

Shocker # 2 – there were at least three things Leah wrote about that I admit I have never heard of:

  • Daiya: Dairy-free cheese that is sold shredded or by the wedge.
  • Tempeh: Touted as an alternative to tofu, this is a high protein, soy-based product that can be prepared a variety of ways.
  • Seitan: Pronounced “say-tan”, this is also an alternative protein source, but is a gluten-based product and can take on the textures and flavors of meat better than other meatless alternatives.

Have you?  Thoughts?

Shocker #3 – The thought of doing this scares me to death – especially doing without dairy.  Leah was so brutally honest about the challenges and presented the truth about what it would really take, that I admit to not being sure I am up for the challenge.  What’s up with that?

Anybody out there ready to take it on with me? Maybe I can ask one of my guests on Mrs. Green’s World green talk radio show.  Sigh.


11 thoughts on “Can This Omnivore Go Vegan for a Week?”

  1. Barb Eisele says:

    Hi Gina,
    John and I watched Forks over Knives a short time ago. We are transitioning, yes I said transitioning, to a plant based diet. You should watch it, the evidence for health, particularly cardiovascular and cancer prevention and the reversal of both diseases is compelling. 30 years of research is unbelievable. We will join you and for 2 “carnivores” it’s a real lifestyle change. Onward to inner and outer health!

  2. Mrs. Green says:

    Hi Barb – I did see Forks Over Knives & got many other people to watch it as well. I agree with so much of what is said in it & yet I still struggle with feeling full (not stuffed) and what to eat that is a complete protein given my challenging eating habits. It’s easy to say just change it but it’s not as easy to do. We are working on it & making slow & steady progress including the healthy smoothies we eat every day. Did you take dairy out as well?

  3. I’ve been a vegetarian (ovo-lacto) for over 30 years. I really can’t imagine going back to eating meat, and I’m long past missing it. I did go vegan for a month last year, and it made me realize how attached I am to cheese. On the other hand, one of the best meals I (and my omnivore husband) have ever had was at a vegan restaurant in Napa Valley. There was nothing to miss in that amazing meal. Changing one’s diet for a short time, like a week or a month, can be a fun challenge. Try it! Making a permanent change takes time, creativity and commitment.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts Pamela. I am gearing up for starting on February first . Am not going to eliminate dairy at this point. Forward motion correct? I think I can do anything for a week . Been making some permanent changes already.

  4. I’m glad to hear that you’re going to try a new diet – tomorrow. Have fun with it. There are so many recipes on line now if you like using recipes. I’ve always loved the Moosewood Collective and the Molly Katzen cookbooks. They were my first vegetarian cooking bibles. I’m sure the library has some of them.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Hi there. I am usually more timely in my responses. Unfortunately, one of my dear friends passed away last Friday morning & I have been very much involved in helping with all that goes with that. Since going meatless for a week will take some thinking and preparation, I have postponed taking the leap for at least a week. And I have a buddy who will commit to it with me. Thank you for sharing this information & for your support – always. I appreciate it and you.

  5. Dan Junkins says:

    So glad you have started this column- my wife and I made the commitment to go vegan/raw about 6 years ago- basically, my wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 15 years ago, and was told she would be crippled within 10 years. She made a commitment to become a triathlete immediately, hoping that she would forestall the crippling disease. Eventually, she began a process of healthy and healing habits that first started with doing courses that invite you to look at your self as the source of the quality of your life. She took on a Mind/Body workshop, began to look at the power of the mind and our thoughts, began to delve deeply into meditation, and began to see a slow but steady regression of her symptoms. When she made the commitment to go off drugs completely, I committed with her to go vegan/raw. It has been a complete surprise and deeply satisfying. I am a long distance athlete and I personally have seen an explosion in my energy levels as well as my health. My skin is smooth and radiant (I am over 50 years old) and I find that this lifestyle only helps the planet dramatically. We transitioned slowly (about 1 year), but it has made all the difference. Eating foods rich in amino acids (which are the building blocks for protein) can be found in green vegetables and fruits. I commend you on your journey along with everyone else trying and considering this life change. A lot of wonderful stuff resides in this lifestyle (with an explosion of different recipes and tastes I never would have experienced had I not taken this path). Thank you!

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Dear Dan – what a banner day for me. I can honestly say that your comments touched me beyond what even I understand. How can I spread your story far & wide for all the world to see AND believe? We are still working on our path to a meatless life. My husband & I were major carnivores and this week I think I may have had meat once. It’s getting easier and easier. More and more people are showing up in my life affirming that I am on the right path with my journey as Mrs. Green. One of my friends is a pediatric neurologist & she is one of my biggest sources of support when I need it. My biggest struggle has actually been in giving up cheese. But I am committed to “get there.” FYI, another dear friend has a FB page & website you might already be aware of but it not, it’s worth checking out. It’s called Nouveau Raw and it you haven’t seen it, you will not believe it. Here is her website:

      Thank you so very very much for caring enough to write and share your very personal story. I appreciate it and you!
      Gina aka Mrs. Green

  6. Dan Junkins says:

    Forgot to add the most important part- my wife is completely healed and has not experienced any symptoms from MS since making the change to a raw/vegan diet!

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      And thank you for adding this! How very blessed that I am that you have shared this.

    2. Mrs. Green says:

      We are stronly moving in that direction.

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