U of A Food Day

Wednesday, October 24 at 10:00 am (PT)

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Please explore our website to see who you will find at the UA Food Day Fair and to learn more about our sponsors!

The UA Food Day Fair will feature 24 different groups of hard-working people dedicated to supporting the Mission and Priorities of Food Day! We will have multiple food demonstrations, live music, taste tests and delicious local foods.

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UA Food Day Fair

Wednesday, October 24

10-2 pm

UA Mall

Hana A. Feeney, MS, RD UA Food Day CoordinatorAs a Nutrition Counselor and the UA Food Day coordinator, I am passionate about healthy and sustainable food. It is my mission to increase access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food on the UA campus. That is why I have enjoyed working with Jon Levengood at Dining Services. He is the man behind the scenes working hard to improve access to healthy foods on the UA Campus. As Manager of Retail at the Student Union he works to procure healthy and sustainable foods for UA dining outlets.

Jon and I are scheduled to talk to Gina Murphy Darling, Mrs. Green herself, on her national radio show on October 9th at 7 pm. We will be discussing the principals of Food Day, the exciting activities that we have planned for the UA Food Day Fair, and food issues on the UA campus.

Gina Murphy-Darling, Mrs. Green

Murphy-Darling, the creator and voice of Mrs. Green’s World Radio Network since 2008, has transitioned from a local radio personality to a trusted voice in the green movement among experts and mainstream Americans. “I firmly believe each person’s small changes add up to big impact,” said Murphy-Darling. The hub of Mrs. Green’s World is a one-hour radio show that streams every Saturday at noon (MST) on www.MrsGreensWorld.com. The show features guests on the forefront of the green movement globally, nationally and regionally.

MrsGreensWorld.com is also a forum for news and blogs offering information on how to make simple changes every day that are beneficial in one’s own life, and good for the planet. Advocating for locally-grown, wholesome foods is an ongoing theme on Mrs. Green’s World. Murphy-Darling can often be spotted, with reusable shopping bag in hand, at local farmers’ markets. “One of my greatest joys is nurturing the growing demand for sustainable, healthy and affordable foods,” said Murphy-Darling.”This community gets it!”

Listen to Down to Earth on Tuesday, October 9th at 7 pm or download the podcast to hear more about Food Day, our mission for food on the UA campus and how you can get involved!