Need a Ride?

Broadcast on 2012/08/21 (PT)

Jennifer O’Connor, Pima Association of Governments, Transportation Planning Manager

Need a Ride? You are going to be able to find one! Pima Find-a-Ride – Whether you are a person that cannot provide your own means of transportation because of a disability or financial limitations, or you are looking to explore alternatives to driving, there currently is no central location to find information regarding all the transportation options that are available in Pima County. Please join us to hear about this massive undertaking and bold solution for thousands of people in Pima County. Pima Find-a-Ride is a future website where the public can learn about transportation services that will include a search tool to find the best transportation to meet your needs AND an online directory of transportation providers and information about their services. This is yet another outstanding example of public/private partnerships that are working and I look forward to learning more about this one. This show is generously sponsored by Discount Cab.

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1 thought on “Need a Ride?”

  1. Bonnie says:

    This was a great show. I live in a senior community and many of the older residents don’t drive but don’t qualify for handicap services. Mrs. Green, please post a notice when their website is up so I can spread the word. Thanks!

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