Caroline Lewis, Education Strategist, Founder & Director The CLEO Institute

Saturday, August 4 at 12:00 pm (PT)

Their mission: to advance environmental literacy and civic engagement by developing transformative initiatives that can be scaled and replicated. Their vision? A world in which people, communities and organizations are engaged and literate about our environment. According to my research, The CLEO Institute supports and promotes promising initiatives aligned with their organization’s mission, developing programs that attract and connect untapped audiences. Sounds like a fit for Mrs. Green’s world. This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.

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  1. Necla says:

    Great thoughts!I have been civtocned lately about the type of music I listen to. I am surrounded by people who have many gripes about Christian music and don’t listen to it because of lack of quality or lack of sincerity, or because of assumed priorities of the artists. I don’t doubt that there are artists whose motives may be off, however, am I to fill my head with music that isn’t glorifying God because a few artists aren’t on track or because the quality may not be as good? I have found that I can listen to a song that, by most standards, is lacking and enjoy it and worship with it because it is glorifying God. God is good. God is goodness. We are called to think about what is good and holy. Listening to secular music may not be a sin (in all cases) but I honestly feel that it is important to always remember God’s goodness and fill my thoughts with His goodness every chance I get.

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