You Wouldn’t, Would You? A Yard Sale Tale

This blog is about what you would do with all the stuff left after a yard sale. As inconceivable as it might be to me, there are people who take what they have left over the dump! Yes, I mean it. They take perfectly good clothing, books, furniture, linens, and other household items and dump them in the good old landfill.

Here’s some food for thought.  Last Saturday my brother and his family had a HUGE moving sale.  It was tons of work, it was really hot & they had lots of stuff. We made it a family affair, made it fun & at the end of the day were still left with quite a few items.   So what to do with the “stuff” that’s left?  We called Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona & they came and picked everything up! Not only was Anthony from Goodwill extremely pleasant, he was very efficient, had all the right equipment to load the heavy items by himself and did it all in a very short amount of time.  We offered to tip him & he was almost offended (no offense meant on our part) and made it very clear tipping not acceptable.

So instead of creating more landfill waste (which we are rapidly running out of), my sister-in-law took the time to make a call AND make a difference.  I am witness to the fact that there were lots of good, quality items left over that will be able to be sold. The money raised from anything donated goes  to creating hope, jobs and futures. See any down side?

If you have things to get rid of, you wouldn’t throw them away, would you?



Turn Your Garage Sale Leftover Goodies into Jobs!


2 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t, Would You? A Yard Sale Tale”

  1. Jan Petroff says:

    My last sale, I had a ton of good stuff left over. Put it on craigslist and within an hour it was picked up for a big church sale. Pass it on…there’s lots of need.

    1. Mrs. Green says:

      Jan – thanks for taking the time to write and to share your experience. There truly is so much need out there. I cannot believe what my husbands finds in the big dumpster our neighborhood association provides for us twice a year – supposedly for our landscaping waste. It actually sickens both of us. We are so passionate about keeping things out of the landfill but what people throw away is actually shocking to us. Okay – enough from me already! Just wanted you to know I agree with you about there being lots of need out there and we can all do our part.

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