2nd Sun Rideshare Commuter Contest under way

Sunday, January 1 at 11:00 pm (PT)

The second Sun Rideshare Commuter Contest began on Jan. 1, 2012. The first month of the contest, January 2012, focuses on getting new commuters in the database. Commuters may qualify by entering their profile to find a carpool partner, join or start a vanpool, find a bike buddy, or register for Guaranteed Ride Home. Six winners will be randomly selected from all the new entries this month. The prizes are a $50 Visa gift card which can be spent anywhere in town. Other months will focus on rewarding carpoolers, vanpoolers, bus riders, bikers and walkers when they log in their mode of transportation for their daily commute. This year, two grand prizes will awarded. In total, 65 prizes will be awarded.

Commuters who become a fan of Sun Rideshare on Facebook will get a sneak preview of the new contest each month. Everyone else must wait until the first of the month to see the new rules and the prizes at www.884ride.org.

Each month the prizes and rules change, so everyone will have a chance to play and win. The promotion is running for a year to reinforce the use of alternative modes of transportation over a long time period, keep the community engaged with different ways to play and win, and support other local events like Cyclovia, Bike Fest, Car Free Tucson and Earth Day.

The first year-long contest, which ended 14 months ago, was a success and popular among commuters with 115,270 alternative mode trips recorded. This resulted in the elimination of close to 1 million pounds of greenhouse gases. The objectives of the 2012 contest are to get more people using alternative transportation and for current users to use alternative modes more often. Sun Rideshare is a program of Pima Association of Governments.

Pima Association of Governments is an association of local, state and tribal governments with a mission to build consensus among its members and the public on regional planning for transportation, energy, air quality and water quality. PAG’s staff gather and analyze data, provide accurate information, and coordinate an open and cooperative planning process to promote good decision-making for the region. Please visit www.PAGnet.org for more information.

Pima Association of Governments
177 N. Church Ave, Suite 405, Tucson, AZ 85701
Contact: Sheila Storm or Ruth Reiman at (520) 792-1093