Best of Mrs. Green Show

Broadcast on 2011/12/24 (PT)

Because I will be spending time with family and friends making more wonderful, healthy, sustainable holiday memories, we will be broadcasting our wonderful show from last year. This show really is all about you. Listeners/followers called in to share with us their greatest, greenest holiday tradition. It was a fun, informative show and well worth listening to again – especially and even for me! This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.

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1 thought on “Best of Mrs. Green Show”

  1. Crystal says:

    GAH!!!! I TOTALLY missed Giveaway Day!!!! How could that have hapenped??? It is a whole STINKIN’ WEEK for crying out loud!!! Now that my kiddos are out of school…hopefully I’ll be catching up!! Glad you had a great Giveaway and congrats to the lucky ones…oh and the suit?? GORGEOUS!! 🙂

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