The Humane Society of Southern AZ – Kerri Burns, VP, & Lyndsay Bruno, Public Relations Lead

Broadcast on 2011/11/26 (PT)

Join Mrs. Green to talk about what might be the ultimate recycling – that of animals. Recognized nationally and internationally for her work in the animal welfare arena, Kerri will share with us her knowledge and understanding of the field’s issues and innovations, as well as a contagious enthusiasm and determination to make substantive progress. Honestly? There is no end to what Ms. Burns has done in her work with animal welfare. And trust me when I say, Lyndsay Bruno is at the forefront of informing people of Kerri’s contribution as well as successfully spreading the word about the myriad of programs and activities of this great organization. You will NOT want to miss this show. Sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.

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