Introduction to Permaculture

Saturday, October 1 at 9:00 am (PT)

Based on the Permaculture design system, we’ll learn how to map out the natural story of the place we live. Then we’ll put together an exciting, long term plan for a sustainable home and landscape – one that takes care of people and takes care of our environment at the same time. We’ll practice some of the skills and strategies needed to do Permaculture design, like mapping out the natural and person-made forces that effect our site and using simple elevation finding tools. Bring a basemap sketch of the site you want to work on.  This class is held at the Sonoran Permaculture Guild’s Ramada classroom site north of downtown Tucson, where you will see Permaculture design and implementation demonstrated on site. Class size is limited to 15 participants.

Mesquite Tree Permaculture Site, one and a half miles north of downtown Tucson. Directions and more information will be sent with registration.

Saturday, October 1
9AM to 4:30PM

Cost: $59 – includes all course materials, handouts, and a delicious mesquite bread snack cooked in the solar oven.
Taught by Dan Dorsey (520) 624-8030

Call or e-mail Dan for registration or information. Directions and more information will be sent with registration.