How Eco Green is Your Carpet Cleaning?

As much as I like to focus on the positive, let’s face it – we have more toxins assaulting our systems than we may ever know. They are everywhere and on almost everything and they are probably off-gasing as I write this. Our furniture, carpets, drapes, towels, clothing, sheets, flowers, cleaning products, personal hygiene products – you get the picture. It can be daunting.

The very good news is that we are educating ourselves and becoming more conscious consumers which give us choices. Case in point for this blog: carpet cleaning.  Up until today, I used to dread it.  Even way before I  started doing  green talk radio, I hated how my house would smell from the chemicals for at least two days after we had them cleaned.

Now the very very good news:  Eco Green Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Care. They cleaned our carpets today and all we have is damp carpet – no smell, no toxins, no tolerating anything AT ALL! ( ) Almost too good to be true but it’s not!

Here’s the scoop: they use Responsible Care hypoallergenic Cleaning Products; their products are derived from renewable seed and vegetable sources; they DON’T add perfumes; there are NO hazardous VOCs, solvents or other hazardous products; they products contain NO phosphates; they are biodegradable & they are environmentally safe.  Are you kidding me? No wonder it doesn’t stink…

Whether you ever contact them or not, I encourage you to do your homework, do your research – because you and your health are worth it.


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  1. I haven’t had time to do all the research, but helped a client clean a house full of carpet with Host Green, Clean & Dry. It appears to be damp sawdust (it is not) and uses no extra water. After cleaning you can walk on the carpet immediately, no drying time or wet carpet
    Host use in a building earns LEEDS Credits. Host is USDA Bio-preferred Certified and is certified 100% bio-based. Host is Green Seal Certified.
    Oh, did I mention, it does a great job. You can get the supplies and machine for rent at The Design Center, 1131 N Jones, Tucson 85716 – 520-327-1314. No, I have no affiliation with this.

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