How Green is Your Bank?

Is your bank eco-friendly? Do they have an environmental corporate philosophy that is easy to research? Are they considered leaders in sustainablity? 

People have challenged me during my journey as Mrs. Green about being a loyal Wells Fargo customer. Why not a community bank? If you take a look at Wells Fargo’s commitment to the entire planet, the impact they have had and continue to have in significant ways, you will know why I haven’t budged. Yes, they are now a supporter of the Mrs. Green mission and journey. But more noteworthy is that I have been a steadfast, loyal customer of this institution for over 35 years for many reasons. Their environmental stewardship simply strengthened that commitment.

That’s my story. If you care to do your own investigation, here’s a great link: Regardless of where you do your banking, I invite you to add this to your commitment to living consciously and investigate what your bank is doing in terms of green, eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

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  1. Mrs. Green,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and loyalty!! Especially in the last year or so banks have taken a reputational beating. I’m not saying that some of it isn’t deserved, but do appreciate you recognizing our commitment positive social and environmental change. With a little push and a little pull, together we can make a difference. On that front, please know that we’ve taken a stab at identifying our greener banking products, see

    As a financial institution in the middle of transactions, we are in an ideal position to help educate and encourage customers to make smart investment choices – not just from a financial perspective, but from an environmental one as well.

    On the page you’ll see 18 products and services for personal, business and commercial customers – and we’re just getting started. We’ve organized the Green Opportunities Taskforce, which is made up of Wells Fargo team members representing 20 lines of businesses within our company. Since September, the Taskforce has vetted and prioritized more than 250 greener banking ideas. With the help of the taskforce, your feedback, and feedback from your readers we look forward to adding more products to the list. If you have an idea for a product that is not currently on the list, please share it with us on Wells Fargo Environmental Forum,

    Again, your support is greatly appreciated, thank you!!

    Stephanie Rico
    VP, Environmental Affairs
    Wells Fargo & Co.

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