Mrs. Green & Goodwill Grand Opening

Broadcast on 2010/12/18 (PT)

Mrs. Green was on the road again to celebrate the grand opening of the newest Goodwill Store at Bear Canyon and Tanque Verde. Hear about some of Goodwill’s outstanding success stories and from friends of Mrs. Green (including Legendary World’s Legend Scott Caddow) who have discovered why it’s fun AND sustainable to shop at Goodwill.

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1 thought on “Mrs. Green & Goodwill Grand Opening”

  1. Cathy Rankin says:

    My dear Mrs Green, just listening to your audio from the grand opening of the Bear Canyon Goodwill store, and had to say what a fabulous broadcast it was! Since I was shopping the isles of our new Goodwill while you were on the air, I missed the show, but I knew I could listen later. And yes I found treasures…from designer jeans to Born shoes that have never been worn. I am so thrilled to have our lovely new Goodwill store right in our neighborhood. Remember, shoppers, that you can shop at Goodwill and then go right around the corner of the shopping center to Viv’s Cafe for breakfast or lunch. Maybe I will see you there!

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